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Arthur Crashaw Alliston Hall

April 12, 1847-February 26, 1930.
Mission Priest of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, 1871-1894
Fourth Bishop of Vermont, 1894-1930

In Memoriam Arthur C. A. Hall Fourth Bishop of Vermont.
A Sermon (revised) Preached in Christ Church, Ballston Spa, New York, on Quinquagesima Sunday, March 2, 1930, by the Rev. Charles E. Hill, Rector.
Ballston Spa, New York: Daily Journal Press, 1930.

A Letter about the Mission to Be Held at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Montreal.
By the Rev. C.C. Grafton and the Rev. A.C.A. Hall.
Montreal: Gazette Printing, 1878.

Confession and the Lambeth Conference.
Boston: A. Williams & Co., 1879.

The Prayer Book the Interpreter of Scripture and the Guide to Its Use: A Sermon Preached before the Margaret Coffin Prayer Book Society, at the Church of our Saviour, Longwood, Mass., on the Third Sunday after the Epiphany, January 22, 1882.
Boston: Published for the Margaret Coffin Prayer Book Society, by A. Williams, 1882.

Apostolical Succession.

Communion of Saints.

Christian Friendship.


Notes for Meditation on the Collects for Sunday and Holy Days. 1887.

Catholic not Protestant not Roman. 1887.

The Gospel Canticles and the Te deum: An Exposition of the Hymns of the Incarnation.
New York: J. Pott & Co., 1887. [External link]

Prayers for the Departed. 1888.

Concerning Christ and the Church. 1888.

Reading the Bible. 1888.

The Christian's Addition Table. 1888.

Fasting Communion. 1889.

The Eucharistic Sacrifice and the Sacrifice of Masses. 1889.

Brotherhoods of Clergy for City Work. 1890.

The Inspiration of Holy Scripture. 1890.

Seven Sayings of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 1890.

Henry Parry Liddon.
New York, 1890.

Some Hints for Lent.

The Gospel Woes: Lent Sermons.
New York: J. Pott, 1896. [External link]

Christian Unity and Christian Union.

The Example of Saint John the Evangelist.

Meditations on the Creed.

The Virgin Mother: Retreat Addresses on the Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Told in the Gospels, with an appended essay on the Virgin Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
New York: Longmans, Green, 1894. [External link]

Fasting. 1895.

The Example of the Passion. 1895.

Reasonable Faith. 1895.

The Saintly Life: Meditations on the Epistle to the Philippians.

The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 1899.


Notes for Meditation on Saint Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians. 1900.

Instructions and Devotions on the Holy Communion.

Marriage with Relatives: Prohibition Decrees. A Charge. 1901.

A Companion to the Prayer Book.

The Use of Holy Scripture in the Public Worship of the Church (Paddock Lectures).
New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1903. [External link]

The Christian Doctrine of Prayer (Bohlen Lectures). 1904.

Ecclesiastical Discipline: A Charge. 1904.

The Relations of Faith and Life (Bedell Lectures).
New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1905. [External link]

Facts affirmed by the Creed.

The Example of Our Lord Especially for His Ministers. Retreat Addresses. 1906.

The Eucharist: Fourth Triennial Charge to the Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Vermont.
New York: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1907. [PDF]

The Work of the Holy Spirit. 1907.

The Forgiveness of Sins. 1908.

Christian Unity. 1909.

The Doctrine of the Church. 1909.

The Sevenfold Unity of the Christian Church.
New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1911. [External link]

Spiritual Instructions.

Notes on the Proper Psalms.

The Advent Antiphons.

Exposition of the Litany.
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1914. [External link]

Liberty and Loyalty: Twin Watchwords of the Catholic Position. A Charge.

Considerations on the Sacrament of Our Lord's Body and Blood.

Statement of the Position of the P.E. Church on Questions of Faith and Order. 1918.

Thoughts on the Seven Sacraments. 1919.

The Open Pulpit.
Reprinted fromThe American Church Monthly, May, 1919

Preaching and Pastoral Care.

Devotions for Deaconesses.

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