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Epitome of Reports of Local Branches.

Society of the Holy Cross.

London: Knott, 1876.


Two Chapters have been held since September, and were fairly attended. The subjects discussed were--the Temperance Movement, Clerical Studies, Duty of Passive Resistance to the Public Worship Regulation Act, the Theories of Universalism and Annihilationism. J. Wylde, Secretary.

BRIGHTON (St. Richard of Chichester).

The Branch has held two Chapters since the September Synod. It has not increased in numbers, and its only action has been to arrange for a Retreat to be held at Lancing College, in August, conducted by Br. Bagshawe (D.V.) It has discussed the Jenkins v. Cook case, and the Temperance question; and desires that the latter may be considered at the May Synod. H. Hollingsworth, Secretary.

CHELTENHAM (St. Wulstan).

Two Chapters have been held, and the former officers have been re-elected. A vote of sympathy with Brs. Ridsdale and Tooth in their present troubles was recorded.

CORNWALL. (St. Perran).

Two Chapters have been summoned, but as only two Brethren were present no business was transacted. Great difficult is felt in collecting the Brethren of the Branch, mainly owing to their being so scattered. J. B. D. HOPGOOD, Treasurer.


One Chapter has been held, at which the Green Rule was considered. It was thought that the Standard of Life required by this Rule is somewhat too high for Wales in its present state, and some slight modification was suggested, subject to the approval of the Master in Council. R. Jones, Secretary.


Three Chapters have been held since the September Synod, 1875--viz. Oct. 12, 1875; Dec. 14, 1875; Feb. 29, 1876.

In Chapter Oct. 12, 1875 on the subject of the word “Mass,” it was resolved, that as the word had been deliberately introduced it should remain on the Statutes of the Society, but that in its publication for popular use the word should not be used.

December 14, 1875.--The Chapter desired to record its opinion on the subject of a proposed vote or letter of sympathy from the members of the S.S.C. to the German Roman Bishops under their present difficulties, when it was resolved, “That this Society being primarily intended to promote holiness of life, it is earnestly and respectfully suggested that the greatest care needs to be exercised before entering on the region of polemics, whether at home or abroad.”

February 29, 1876.--No particular business of any kind.

The Chapters were fairly attended, and at the last Chapter two Candidates for Holy Orders were proposed as Probationers.


Owing to the distance from each other at which the Brethren of this Branch reside, there have been but two Chapters held since the September Synod. The scheme for Districts and Sub-Provincials was fully considered and approved of. The subject of Fasting Communion, in the case of persons in extremis, was also considered, and a wish was expressed that the Society would explain the Rule of the Church on this point. A resolution (which was printed in the Monthly Paper of S.S.C. for December 1875) was carried, and a copy forwarded to the Secretary, in the hope that the subject referred to might be brought before the May Synod. An expression of sympathy, together with a small donation, was sent to the St. Alban’s Working Men’s Committee. It was resolved that in consequence of the difficulty experienced by the Brethren of this Branch in attending Monthly Chapters, application be made for a dispensation, so that in future they may be held quarterly. J. H. Bacon, Secretary.

LIVERPOOL (St. Nicholas)

The Branch has to report the great loss it has sustained, in the resignation of the incumbency of St. Margaret’s, Princes Road, by Br. C. Parnell, who has acted as Local Vicar since the resignation of Br. J. S. Boucher, in 1865. Also, that the arrangements for the Retreat for Clergy, in November 1875, which at one time it was feared would have to be postponed (owing to the difficulty experienced in supplying Fr. Corbet’s place), were successfully carried out, through the kindness of the Rev. S. H. Saxby, of East Clevedon, who kindly undertook the work. J. Bell Cox, Secretary.


The half-yearly chapter of this Branch (which meets twice a year by dispensation) was held 27 January, 1876. Six Brethren were present. The Chapter discussed the inconvenience of the Rule of Fasting Celebration upon the Communion of the chronic sick. They were unanimously of opinion that all the chronic sick should be urged to receive, in their houses, at least thrice a year; that if a sick person (not being in extremis) were unable to fast, the Priest ought to teach him that he must nevertheless receive, though not fasting; and, that if a sick person require Communion at an hour up to which the Priest is physically unable to fast from midnight, then it is a justifiable violation of the Church custom to celebrate non-fasting, but that the Priest should endeavour to keep a six hours’ fast before celebrating, on the analogy of Christmas Eve. The subject of the duty of Catholic Priests with respect to the Temperance Question was introduced by Br. Body. He advocated Total Abstinence not as a precept, but as a counsel; and said that, intemperance being a national sin, it behoves the Priesthood to lead the van in a national reparation. Brs. Shebbeare and Lister were re-elected Local Vicar and Local Secretary. Brother Parr was elected Local Treasurer (if in the Master’s judgment he be eligible, as Probationer). J. Moore Lister, Secretary.



This Committee has met twice since last May Synod. Its work has been--(1) To prepare, by means of returns received from various local correspondents, a Summary of Retreats for Clergy held in 1875: (2) A List of Retreats for the present year. The Summary and List were published during the Octave of the Epiphany, and circulated among the Brethren with the Monthly Papers for January. Francis H. Murray, Edward P. Williams, Secretaries.


No questions having been submitted to this Committee, there is nothing to report.


There have been no meetings of this Committee since the September Synod. Charles S. Wallace, Secretary.


No questions having been submitted to this Committee, they have nothing to report. C. F. Lowder.


The Committee was appointed to consider the line of action to be taken by Priests at the present time have met three times, and a Sub-Committee six or seven times. The latter consisted of the Rev. the Master, Br. T.T. Carter, and the Hon. C. L. Wood, assisted by Dr. Littledale, Mr. F.M. Russell, and Dr. Irons. Advice had also been received from Drs. Pusey and Liddon, Mr. Joyce, and others. The Committee is still at work preparing a Paper of First Principles, on which action may be based. N. Dawes, Secretary.

*** Out of nineteen Local Branches, nine only have sent Reports to the April Chapter. The convenience of Brethren, and the expedition of the formal business of the Synods, would be much promoted by a due observance of the Statutes in this respect.

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