John Sage, bishop


The second and third letters concerning the persecution of the episcopal clergy in Scotland, printed in London in 1689. The first letter was written by the Rev. Thomas Morer, and the fourth by professor Monro.

The Case of the Present Afflicted Clergy in Scotland truly represented to which is added for probation the attestation of many unexceptionable Witnesses to every particular, and all the publick acts and Proclamations of the Convention and Parliament relating to the Clergy. London, 1690.

The Preface

The Case of the Present Afflicted Clergy in Scotland

First Collection of Papers
Second Collection of Papers
Third Collection of Papers
Fourth Collection of Papers

An Account of the late establishment of Presbyterian government by the parliament of Scotland in 1690. London, 1693.

The Fundamental Charter of Presbytery. London, 1695.

The Principles of the Cyprianic age with regard to episcopal power and jurisdiction. Asserted and recommended from the genuine writings of St. Cyprian himself and his contemporaries: by which it is made evident that the vindicator of the Kirk of Scotland is obligated by his own concession to acknowledge that he and his associates are schismaticks.
By John Sage.
London: Printed for Walter Kettilby, 1695.

A Vindication of the Principles of the Cyprianic Age. London, 1701.

Some Remarks on a letter from a gentleman in the city to a minister in the country, on Mr David Williamson's sermon before the General Assembly Edinburgh, 1703.

A brief examination of some things in Mr Meldrum's sermon preached on the 6th May, 1703, against a toleration to those of the episcopal persuasion. Edinburgh, 1703.

The reasonableness of a toleration of those of the episcopal persuasion, inquired into purely on church principles, 1704.

The Life of Gawin Douglas, 1710.

An introduction to Drummond's History of the Five Jameses, Edinburgh, 1711.

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