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John Dowden


Observations on Some Aids to Personal Religion Afforded by Mental Science: An Address Delivered at the Opening of the Twenty-fifth Session of the Theological Society of Trinity College, Dublin, November 17, 1862.
Dublin: Printed at the University Press, 1863.

Submission to the Laws of the Church of Ireland: A Correspondence between Some Members of the Congregation of St. Stephen's Church, Dublin and the Rev. John Dowden, One of the Curates of that Church.
Dublin: Hodges, Foster, 1874.

The Annotated Scottish Communion Office: An Historical Account of the Scottish Communion Office and of the Communion Office of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America, with Liturgical Notes, to which is added a Reprint in Reduced Facsimile of the Edition of the Scottish Office of 1764; and also Reprints of the American Communion Office, the Scottish Office of 1637, and the Nonjurors' Office (1718).
Edinburgh: R. Grant, 1884.
New York: T. Whittaker, 1884. [External link]

Lay-Baptism Valid: The Doctrine of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of Edinburgh, at the Diocesan Synod, held in the Cathedral Church of St. Mary, on April 19, 1888.
Edinburgh: R. Grant and Son, 1888.

Relations of the Church of England and the Episcopal Church in Scotland: A Paper Read at the Church Congress, Birmingham, October 4th, 1893.
London: Printed by Bemrose, 1893.

The Celtic Church in Scotland: Being an Introduction to the History of the Christian Church in Scotland down to the Death of Saint Margaret.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1894.

New York: E. & J. B. Young, 1894. [External link]

An Address Delivered before the Diocesan Synod of Edinburgh in the Chapter House of the Cathedral, November 7, 1895.
Edinburgh: St. Giles' Printing Co., 1895.

Outlines of the History of the Theological Literature of the Church of England from the Reformation to the Close of the Eighteenth Century.
London: SPCK, 1897.
New York: E. & J. B. Young, 1897.

Obligations to the Use of the Athanasian Creed: A Pastoral Letter Addressed to the Clergy of the Diocese.
Edinburgh: St. Giles' Printing, 1897.

The Workmanship of the Prayer Book in Its Literary and Liturgical Aspects.
London: Methuen, 1899. [External link]

Further Studies in the Prayer Book.
London: Methuen, 1908. [External link]

The Medieval Church in Scotland: Its Constitution, Organisation and Law.
Glasgow: J. MacLehose, 1910. [External link]

The Bishops of Scotland: Being Notes on the Lives of All the Bishops, under Each of the Sees, Prior to the Reformation.
Glasgow: J. MacLehose, 1912. [External link]

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