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Anglicanism in Scotland

By Individual

James Robert Alexander Chinnery-Haldane, 1842-1906

John Dowden, 1840-1910

Robert Eden, 1804-1886

Alexander Ewing, 1814-1873

Alexander Penrose Forbes, 1817-1875

George Hay Forbes, 1821–1875

George Gleig, 1753-1840

Eric Graham, 1888-1964

Alexander Jolly, 1756-1838

Malcolm MacColl, 1831-1907

Stephen Charles Neill, 1900-1984

Edward Bannerman Ramsay, 1793-1872

Thomas Rattray, 1684-1743

John Sage, 1652-1711

Charles Hughes Terrot, 1790-1872

Patrick Torry, 1763-1852

Gavin Donald White, 1927-2016

George Howard Wilkinson, 1833-1907

By Title

The Nature and Extent of the Apostolical Commission
Preached at the Consecration of Samuel Seabury
By John Skinner
Aberdeen: Chalmers, 1785.

A Letter from an Old Friend, to the Congregation of the Chapel at Old Deer
[By John Skinner, Bishop of Aberdeen]
Aberdeen: Printed by J. Chalmers and Co., 1798.

The Drummond Schism Examined and Exposed
By a Layman of the Church [William E. Aytoun]
Edinburgh: R. Grant & Son, 1842.

On the Important Discrepancy between the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Community, Showing the Schismatical Character of a Subscription by English Clerics to the Scottish Communion Office of 1765.
By Edward Craig
Edinburgh: The Edinburgh Printing and Publishing Company, 1842.

Reasons for Withdrawing from the Scottish Episcopal Church, and for Accepting an Invitation to Continue His Ministrations in Edinburgh, as a Clergyman of the Church of England, with a Full Reply to the Charge of Schism.
By David Thomas Kerr Drummond.
Edinburgh: John Lindsay and Co., 1842.

An Address to the Congregation of St Thomas' English Episcopal Chapel, in reference to "A Dissuasive from Schism, &c. by the Right Rev. C.H. Terrot, D.D., Bishop."
By David Thomas Kerr Drummond.
Edinburgh: W. P. Kennedy, 1843.

The Church against the World: Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Church of St. Mary, Dunblane, on 28th May 1845.
By John Alexander.
Edinburgh: Robert Seaton, 1845.

The Colonies of Heaven: A Sermon Preached before the Bishop, Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Connecticut.
By Samuel Farmar Jarvis
Hartford: William faxon, 1846.

The Holy Eucharist. A Letter to the Lay Episcopalians of Scotland on the nature of the Holy Eucharist; and on the Laws of the Church of England and of the Scottish Episcopal Church with Respect to the Administration of It.
By John Marshall.
Edinburgh: Paton and Richie, 1849.

An Address from the College of Bishops to All Faithful Members of the Episcopal Church of Scotland, Issued at Their Annual Synod, Holden in Edinburgh, Sept. 5, 1850 together with an Appendix, Containing Certain Documents Recently Issued by the Episcopal Synod.
Edinburgh: R. Grant; London: F. & J. Rivington, 1850.

The Scottish Episcopal Church, and the Missions of the English Church in Foreign Lands
From The Colonial Church Chronicle, and Missionary Journal, Vol. IV (May 1851), pages 422-427.

The Episcopal Church of Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution.
Lawson, John Parker Lawson.
Edinburgh: Gallie, 1844. [External link]

The Mission of the Scottish Episcopal Church: A Sermon, Preached at Stirling, 17th September 1854, in Behalf of the Scottish Episcopal Church Society.
By Henry Mackenzie.
Edinburgh: R. Grant and Son; London: F. & J. Rivington, 1854.

The Life and Times of Patrick Torry, D.D., Bishop of Saint Andrews, Dunkeld, and Dunblane, with an Appendix on the Scottish Liturgy.
By John Mason Neale.
London: Masters, 1856. [External link]

Memorial on behalf of the Clergy and Congregations in Scotland Adhering to the Doctrine and Worship of the United Church of England and Ireland; Humbly Addressed to the Archbishops and Bishops of That Church.
London: Privately Printed by G. Barclay, 1857.

Sermons Preached at Perth, and in Other Parts of Scotland, from 1846 to 1853.
By John Charles Chambers.
London: Joseph Masters, 1857. [External link]

On the Civil Disabilities of the Scottish Episcopalians.
Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1861.

A Memoir of Alexander, Bishop of Brechin, with a Brief Notice of His Brother the Rev. George Hay Forbes.
[By Felicia Skene]
London: J. Masters and Co., 1876.

The Church in Philadelphia a Type of the Episcopal Church in Scotland.
A Sermon preached on the Dedication Festival at S. Paul's, Dundee, on Sunday, November 3, 1878.
By Charles Wordsworth, D.C.L. Dundee, 1878.

Episcopacy in Scotland.
By Christopher Nicholson Johnston Sands.
Edinburgh: W. Paterson, 1879. [External link]

A Discourse Delivered in the Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour, at Faribault, Minnesota on the Eve of the Centenary of the Reverend Samuel Seabury, D.D., Oxon., to the Episcopate of Connecticut, by the Bishops of the Catholic Remainder of the Church in Scotland, at Aberdeen, November 14th, A.D., 1784, and repeated in the Cathedral at Davenport, Iowa November 16th, A. D., 1884.
By William Stevens Perry
Davenport, Iowa: Glass and Hoover, 1884.

On the Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament: A Paper Read at the Annual Commemoration of the Scottish Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.
Aberdeen: A Brown & Co., 1881.

A Pastoral Bishop: A Memoir of Alexander Chinnery-Haldane, D.D., Sometime Bishop of Argyll and the Isles.
By Thomas Isaac Ball, LL.D.
London: Longmans, 1907. [External link]

The Good Bishop. A Sermon preached in the Church of St. John the Divine, Oban, on Quinquigesima Sunday, 1906, being the Sunday after the Funeral [of Bishop Chinnery-Haldane], by the Very Reverend Charles Pressley Smith, M.A., Dean of Argyll and the Isles.

A Jacobite Stronghold of the Church: Being the Story of Old St. Paul's, Edinburgh, Its Origin on the Disestablishment of Episcopacy in Scotland 1689, through Jacobite years onward to the Oxford Movement and Its Relation to the Scottish Consecration in 1784 of the First Bishop of the American Church.
By Mary E. Ingram.
Edinburgh: R. Grant, 1907. [External link]

Traditional Ceremonial and Customs connected with the Scottish Liturgy.
By F.C. Eeles.
London: Longmans, 1910. [External link]

Benediction in Scotland
By H.W. Hill.
London and Milwaukee, 1922.

The Scottish Liturgy: Its Value and History.
By William Perry, B.D.
London: A. R. Mowbray, 1922. [External link]

Scotland's Church: A Brief Popular History
By William Inglis.

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