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George Hay Forbes


A Memoir of Alexander, Bishop of Brechin, with a Brief Notice of His Brother the Rev. George Hay Forbes.
By Felicia Skene.
London: J. Masters and Co., 1876.

George Hay Forbes: A Romance in Scholarship.
By W. Perry.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1927.

Considerationes modestae et pacificae controversiarum de justificatione, purgatorio, invocatione sanctorum, Christo mediatore, et eucharistia.
Oxford: J.H. Parker, 1850-1856.

The Anglican Liturgies of the Gallican Church.
Burntisland: Pitsligo Press, 1855.

Reasons for the Adoption of the "Revised Edition" of the Scotch Communion Office.
Burntisland: Pitsligo Press, 1862.

Doctrinal Errors and Practical Scandals of the English Prayer Book.
Burntisland: Pitsligo Press, 1863.

A Short Explanation of the Communion Office of the Church of Scotland Adapted to the Revised Edition.
Burntisland: Pitsligo Press, 1863.

Liber ecclesie Beati Terrenani de Arbuthnott: Missale secundum usum Ecclesiae Sancti Andreae in Scotia.
Burntisland: Pitsligo Press, 1864.

Baptism by Immersion Primitive, Scriptural and Rubrical.
Burntisland: Pitsligo Press, 1866.

Missale Drummondiense: The Ancient Irish Missal in the Possession of the Baroness Willoughby de Eresby, Drummond Castle, Perthshire.
Burntisland: Pitsligo Press, 1882.

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