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Alexander Penrose Forbes

Companion to the Altar.
Aberdeen, 1847.

Commentary on the Seven Penitential Psalms. Masters.
London: Masters, 1847.

1847. Catechism to be Learned before the Church Catechism.

The Seal of the Lord: a Catechism on Confirmation.
London: Masters, 1848.

Questions for Self-Examination for the Use of Clergy.
London: Masters, 1848..

The Christian's Converse. Translated and adapted from the Italian.
London: Masters, 1849.

Commentary on the Te Deum.
London: Masters, 1850.

Meditations on the Suffering Life of Our Lord.
London: Masters, 1850.

The Pious Churchman: A Manual of Devotion.
London: Masters, 1852.

Nourishment of the Christian Soul. Translated from Pinart and edited by the Bishop.
London: Masters, 1852.

The Prisoners of Craigmacaire: a Story of the '46.
London: Masters, 1852.

A Short Explanation of the Nicene Creed, for the Use of Persons Beginning the Study of Theology.
Oxford: J. H. Parker, 1852. [External link]

Memoir of the Pious Life and Holy Death of Helen Inglis.
London: 1852.

Go Thy Way; Show Thyself to the Priest. An Earnest Exhortation to Confession.
London: Masters, 1853.

Commentary on the Canticles.
London: Masters, 1853.

1853. Memoriale Vitae Sacerdotalis. From the Latin of Arvisenet. Preface

A Method of Visiting the Sick.
London: Masters, 1855.

Commentary on the Litany.
London: , 1855.

The Pious Churchman: A Manual of Devotion and. Spiritual Instruction.
Edinburgh: Lendrum, 1856.

Primary Charge.
London: Masters, 1857.

Mirror of Young Christians. Translated from Pinart by Lady Eleanor Law and edited by the Bishop.
London: Masters, 1859.

Reply to the Pleadings in the Case of Henderson and Others v. the Bishop of Brechin, on the occasion of the Presentment by Henderson and Others.
London: Masters, 1860.

The Arbuthnott Missal.
Burntisland: Pitsligo Press, 1864.

Memoir of the late Rev. C. T. Erskine.
London: 1864.

The Scottish Communion Office Done into Greek.
London: Masters, 1865.

1866. Meditations on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ . . . by the Abbot of Monte Cassino. Edited by the Bishop.

An Explanation of the Thirty-nine Articles with an Epistle Dedicatory to the Rev. E.B. Pusey.
Oxford: Parker, 1871. [External link]

1869. Meditations at Retreat for Clergy at Dundee.

Kalendars of Scottish Saints.
Edinburgh, 1872.

The Deepening of the Spiritual Life.
Edinburgh, 1873.

Memoirs of Dame Christian Forbes.

Lives of S. Ninian and S. Kentigern. Compiled in the Twelfth Century.
Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1874. [External link]

Remains of Arthur West Haddan.
London: J. Parker, 1876. [External link]

"Are you being converted?" and other sermons, 1856.

"On Amendment of Life", and other sermons, 1857.

The Waning of Opportunities and Other Sermons.
London: Joseph Masters, 1860. [External link]

Sermons on the Grace of God and Other Cognate Subjects.
London: Joseph Masters, 1862. [External link]

Meditations given at a Retreat for Clergy, Dundee, 1870.

Single sermons on "Jesus, Our Worship"; "Suffering, the great earthly Sanctifier"; "Christian Art"; and other subjects.


In the Ecclesiastic :

"On Religious Guilds";
"Parochial Work in France";
"Early History of the Scottish Church";
"Coniston Hall";
"The Revolution and the Non-Jurors";
"St. Thomas of Canterbury and his Times";
"Mary of Modena and the Free Kirk", 1846.
"A Plea for Sisterhoods", 1849.
"A Few Words of Explanation and of Earnest Caution", 1850.
"The Duties of Society", 1853.
"The Holiness of the Human Body", 1853.
"Opinion in the Appeal of Cheyne against the Sentence of the Bishop of Aberdeen", 1858.
"Letter to the Congregation of St. Paul's, Dundee", 1859.
"Charge dealing with the General Synod Canons, the Scottish Communion Office, and the Admission of the Laity", 1862.

In the Edinburgh Review:

"Notes on Angus";
"Scottish Religious Houses Abroad";
"Charge, Unity, and Sanctity in reference to modern scepticism", 1864.

In the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries: "Account of a Manuscript of the Eleventh Century by Marianus of Ratisbon", 1864. "Essay on Greek Rites in the West (in Orby Shipley's Essays)", 1867. "Pastoral Letter on the Admission of the Laity", 1870. "The Ancient Bell of St. Fillan", 1870. "Sir Walter Scott", 1871. "Charge, the Church of England and the Doctrine of Infallibility", 1871. "Charge, the Claims of the Laity to vote as Constituent Members of Synod practically considered", 1873. "Pastoral Letter on Foreign Missions", 1873.

In the Quarterly Review:

"The Maules of Panmure", 1875.
"The Inheritance of Evil", 1875.


Draft of Order for Evening Prayer, additional to that in the Book of Common Prayer, 1870.

Forms for the Admission of Lay Readers, for Laying the Foundation of a Church, for the Dedication and the Consecration of a Church, for Meetings of Confraternities or Guilds.

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