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The Works of Nicholas Ridley

Edited for the Parker Society by the Rev. Henry Christmas

Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, 1841.

Biographical Notice of Ridley

1. Brief Declaration or Treatise against Transubstantiation

2. A Piteous Lamentation of the Miserable State of the Church in England

3. A Treatise on the Worship of Images

4. Certain Godly, Learned, and Comfortable Conferences between Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer during the Time of Their Imprisonment, A.D. 1556.

First Conference

Second Conference

5. A Conference between Nicholas Ridley and Secretary Bourn, with Others, at the Lieutenant's Table in the Tower

6. A Determination concerning the Sacrament made at Cambridge

7. Judicium de Epistolis Decretalibus
A Judgement concerning the Decretal Epistles

8. Disputation at Oxford between Dr. Smith and Bishop Ridley

9. The Order and Manner of the Examination of Dr. Ridley before the Queen's Commissioners

Smaller Treatises

10. Ridley's Account of his Disputation at Oxford, reprinted from Coverdale's Letters of the Martyr

11. The Theological Variations of Stephen Gardiner

12. Answer to certain Queries touching the abuses of the Mass

13. Injunctions to the Diocese of London

14. Reasons why the Lord's board should be in the form of a table

15. Letters of Bishop Ridley, reprinted from Coverdale's "Letters of the Martyrs," The Works of Strype, Burnet's "History of the Reformation," The Acts and Monuments of Foxe" together with others from the Harleian Collection of MSS. in the British Museum, and the MSS. in the Library of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Cambridge.

Letters I-XXI



1. Letter of Dr Turner to John Fox

2. Letter from Gardiner to Ridley

3. Letter from the Protector to Ridley

4. Letter from Edward VI to Ridley



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