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The Works of John Jewel, Bishop of Salisbury.

Edited for the Parker Society by the Rev. John Ayre, M.A.

Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, 1845.



Sermon preached at Paul's Cross

First Letter of Dr. Cole

Bishop Jewel's Answer

Second letter of Dr. Cole

Bishop Jewel's Answer to the second Letter.

Dr. Cole's Answer to certain parcels of Bishop Jewel's Second Letter

Bishop Jewel's Letter to Dr. Cole.

Bishop Jewel's Reply to the Letter above written

Reply to M. Harding's Answer

Preface unto the Christian Reader

Harding's Preface to the Reader

Harding's Preface to M. Jewel

Bishop Jewel's Answer to M. Harding's Preface

Table of the Articles

The First Article:--Of Private Mass

The Second Article:--Of Communion under both kinds

The Third Article:--Of Prayers in a strange tongue

The Fourth Article:--Of the Supremacy

Part One
Part Two

The Fifth Article:--Of Real Presence

The Sixth Article:--Of being in many places

The Seventh Article:--Of Elevation

The Eighth Article:--Of Adoration

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