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Plain Sermons by Contributors to 'Tracts for the Times'
Volume Three--Edward Bouverie Pusey

London: J. G. F. & J. Rivington, 1841, 326 pp.

Introduction and textual note

Sermon 73. The Cross borne for us, and in us

Sermon 74. Real Obedience, in all things

Sermon 75. Christian Life a Struggle, but Victory

Sermon 76. Sudden Death

Sermon 77. The Christian's a risen Life

Sermon 78. Victory over the World

Sermon 79. Holy Communion.--Exceeding danger in careless receiving, death in neglecting.

Sermon 80. Holy Communion--Privileges

Sermon 81. Obedience the Condition of Knowing the Truth

Sermon 82. St. Barnabas.--Christian Kindliness and Charity.

Sermon 83. St. James.--Obeying Calls.

Sermon 84. Pray without ceasing.

Sermon 85. Conditions of acceptable Prayer.

Sermon 86. Distractions in Prayer.

Sermon 87. The Transfiguration of Our Lord the Earnest of the Christian's Glory

Sermon 88. Baptism the Ground and Encouragement of Christian Education. [note]

Sermon 89. God's Glories in Infants set forth in the Holy Innocents

Sermon 90. Christian Joy

Sermon 91. The Value and Sacredness of Suffering

Sermon 92. Conversion

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