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Anglicanism and Orthodoxy

Patriarch Meletios of Alexandria with Archbishop Cosmo Gordon Lang of Canterbury, 8 July 1930
Papers of the Russo-Greek Committee of the Protestant Episcopal Church

The [Anglican and] Eastern Church Association

The Western Rite and the Eastern Church:
Dr. J. J. Overbeck and His Scheme for the Re-Establishment of the Orthodox Church in the West
By David F. Abramtsov
Submitted to the Graduate Faculty in the Division of the Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of Master of
Arts. University of Pittsburgh, 1961.

Archbishop Tikhon and Bishop Grafton: An Early Chapter in Anglo-Orthodox Relations in the New World. [PDF]
By Peter Carl Haskell.
From St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Quarterly, 1967, pp. 193-204; 1969, pp. 2-16.

A Linguistic Bridge to Orthodoxy: In Memoriam Isabel Florence Hapgood
By Marina Ledkovsky. A lecture delivered at the Twelfth Annual Russian Orthodox Musicians Conference, 7-11 October 1998, Washington, D.C.

Nashotah House, Bishop Grafton, and Saint Tikhon of Moscow
Address by the Very Reverend Chad [M. Richard] Hatfield
Then Dean of Salina, Kansas; now Academic Dean of St. Herman's Theological Seminary, Kodiak Island, Alaska. Given at the Sesquicentennial Convocation, Nashotah House, Saturday, 7 November 1992

Extract of Several Letters Relating to the Great Charity and Usefulness of Printing the New Testament and Psalter in the Arabick Language; For the Benefit for the Poor Christians in Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Egypt, and other Eastern Countries. With a Proposal for Executing So Good an Undertaking.
London: J. Downing, 1725.

The American Missionaries in Greece
An Address Delivered at St. Luke's Church, in the City of Philadelphia, on the Evening of the Thirteenth of October, 1856.
By Henry D. Gilpin.
Philadelphia: King & Baird, 1856.

Voices from the East
Documents on the Present State and Working of the Oriental Church
By John Mason Neale
London: Joseph Masters, 1859.

The Rev. Mr. Young's Visit to the Russian Church.
From American Church Review, 1865, Pages 637-643.

Catholic Orthodoxy and Anglo-Catholicism: A Word about Intercommunion between the English and the Orthodox Churches
By Julian Joseph Overbeck.
London: Trübner, 1866.

Occasional Paper of the Eastern Church Association No. V.
Impressions of a Recent Visit to Russia: A Letter from the Lord Bishop of Moray & Ross, Primus of Scotland, to the Rev. Chancellor Massingberd on Intercommunion with the Eastern Orthodox Church.
[By Robert Eden]
London: Rivingtons, 1867.

Sketches of the Rites and Customs of the Greco-Russian Church
By H. C. Romanoff
London, Oxford and Cambridge: Rivingtons, 1869.

Introduction by the Author of "The Heir of Redclyffe" [Charlotte Yonge]

An Appeal to Ritualists and All Those Who Are Sincerely Searching for the Truth, the Way, and the Life.
By a Clergyman Lately Seceded from the Anglican Church.
With the Petition to the Holy Synod for the Canonical Restoration of the Orthodox Anglican Church.
London: Trübner; G.J. Palmer, J. Westell, 1869.

The Greek Church, Her Doctrines and Principles Contrasted with Those of the Church of England: Is Union Desirable, or Possible?
By Joseph Bardsley.
London: Hatchards, 1870.

Some Points in the Teaching of the Church of England, set forth for the Information of Orthodox Christians of the East, in the form of an answer to Questions. London: SPCK, 1900.

On the Question of the Union of the Churches.
An Address by His Grace, Archbishop Platon [Porfiri Fiodorovich Rozhdestvenski, 1866-1934] Printed by Request, n.p., 1911.

An Attempt at Unity in Japan [Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches]
By the Rev. Charles Filkins Sweet
Tokyo: For Private Distribution, 1912.

Admitting All Impossibilities, Nevertheless Unity Is Possible.
By His Grace, the Most Reverend Platon, Archbishop of North America and the Aleutian Islands.
From The Constructive Quarterly: A Journal of the Faith, Work and Thought of Christendom, September, 1913, pages 425-444

The People of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, the Separated Churches of the East, and Other Slavs: Report of the Commission Appointed by the Missionary Department of New England to Consider the Work of Co-operating with the Eastern Orthodox Church Churches, the Separated Churches of the East, and Other Slavs.
Edward Melville Parker, Chairman.
Springfield, Massachusetts: 1913. [External link]

Intercommunion with the Eastern Orthodox Church: The Schism between East and West and the Possible Healing.
By Robert William Burnie
London: Published for the Anglican and Eastern Association by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1915.

The Religion of Russia: A Study of the Orthodox Church in Russia, from the Point of View of the Church in England.
By George Bernard Hamilton Bishop.
London: Society of Saints Peter and Paul, 1915. [External link]

Pictures of Russian Worship.
Introductory note by J. A. Douglas.
London: The Faith Press, c. 1915.

A Service of Intercession on Behalf of the Russian Church and People Held on Monday, August 12, 1918, at 6 p.m., in the Church of St. Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square.
Arranged by the Anglican and Eastern Church Association.
London: Page and Thomas, 1918.

The Seventh General Council and the Doctrine of Icons
Conference in the Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster, December 2, 1918.
London: SPCK, 1919.

An Unofficial Anglican Programme for Reunion, as Contained in a Letter to His Grace the Metropolitan of Athens, October 26, 1918.
By William Chauncey Emhardt.
New York: Department of Missions and Church Extension of the Episcopal Church, 1920.

The Eastern-Orthodox Church: A Brief Description of the Orthodox Church of the East together with Some Thoughts on Reunion.
By William Chauncey Emhardt.
New York: Department of Missions and Church Extension of the Episcopal Church, 1920.

Historical Contact of the Eastern Orthodox and Anglican Churches.
A review of the relations between the Orthodox Church of the East and the Anglican Church since the time of Theodore of Tarsus
By William Chauncey Emhardt
New York: Department of Missions and Church Extension of the Episcopal Church, 1920.

The Episcopal and Greek Churches.
Report of an Unofficial Conference on Unity Between Members of the Episcopal Church in America and His Grace, Meletios Metaxakis, Metropolitan of Athens, And His Advisers. October 26, 1918. New York: Department of Missions, 1920.

The Anglican and Eastern Churches: A Historical Record 1914-1921.
London: Published for the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1921.

The Relations of the Anglican Churches with the Eastern-Orthodox, Especially in Regard to Anglican Orders.
By John Albert Douglas.
London: Faith Press, 1921. [External link]

His Holiness Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and of All the Russias: A Memoir.
By A. Roshestvensky; translated by H.P.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1923.

Economical Ministrations to the Czecho-Slovaks, Syrians and Others.
From The Christian East, Volume IV, No. 2, May 1923; pages 101-105.

Eirenikon from the Oecumenical Patriarch to the Archbishop of Canterbury.
From The Christian East, September, 1925, pp. 114-116.

Anglican Ordination of Armenian Clergy.
By Bedros Hagopian.
Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1926.

Why Anglican Clergy Could Be Received in Their Orders.
By the Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky (President of the Synod of Karlovtsi).
From The Christian East, March, 1927, pp. 60-69.

Anglican and Orthodox in the Early Seventies. By S. C. Boys.
From The Christian East, Winter, 1927, pp. 210-215.

Admission of Anglicans to Serbian Communion Not without Precedent
From The Living Church, February 18, 1928, pages 541-542.

The Eastern Church in the Western World.
By William Chauncey Emhardt, Thomas Burgess, Robert Frederick Lau.
Milwaukee: Morehouse Publishing, 1928.
London: A. R. Mowbray, 1928.

Progress Towards the Re-Union of the Orthodox and Anglican Churches. By the Most Rev. Archbishop Germanos, Metropolitan of Thyatira
From The Christian East, Spring, 1929, pp. 20-31

Archbishop Germanos on Anglicanism. By Canon J. A. Douglas, Ph.D.
From The Christian East, Spring, 1929, pp. 11-20

The Lambeth Conference and the Orthodox in America: A Study of One Path Toward Reunion.
New York: Ecclesiastical Relations, The National Council of the Episcopal Church, 1930.

A photograph taken at the Athens Consultation, 1930.
The Christian East, Spring, 1930, facing p. 32.

The Orthodox Delegation to the Lambeth Conference of 1930 By Canon J. A. Douglas, Ph.D.
The Christian East, Summer, 1930. 11:2, pp. 49-64

The Archbishop of Canterbury with the Orthodox Delegation and its Attendant Anglican Chaplains at Lambeth Palace, Tuesday, July 8th, 1930.

The Orthodox Delegation with the Bishop of London and Members of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association at Fulham Palace.--July 11, 1930.

An Aid for Churchmen Episcopal and Orthodox
Toward a Mutual Understanding, by Means of a Brief Comparison of the Rites and Ceremonies of the Orthodox Church with those of the Episcopal (Anglican Church)
By the Rev. H. Henry Spoer.
With a Foreword by the Reverend Frank Gavin, Ph.D., Th.D.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Morehouse, 1930.
London: Mowbray, 1930.

Report to the Holy Synod of Constantinople of the Church of Alexandria upon the First Session
From The Christian East, April, 1933, pp. 87-91

The Orthodox Principle of Economy, and Its Exercise.
By Canon J. A. Douglas.
From The Christian East, 1932, 13:3, 4; pp 91-98

What Might Have Been.
By Leicester C. Lewis, Ph.D.
From The Christian East, 1932, 13:2, pp 79-80.


Report of the Conference at Bucarest from June 1st to June 8th, 1935, between the Rumanian Commission on Relations with the Anglican Communion and the Church of England Delegation Appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Church Assembly, Church House, Westminster, May, 1936

The Patriarch Miron Cristea of Rumania and the Archbishop of Canterbury [Cosmo Gordon Lang] at Lambeth Palace, July 3, 1936.
From The Christian East, Autumn, Jan-July 1936, frontispiece.

Documents related to the Rumanian Recognition of Anglican Orders.
From The Christian East, July, 1937, pp. 6-10.

Friends of the Church of the East (Assyrian)
New York: Friends of the Church of the East, 1940.

Presiding Bishop and Russian Patriarchate Exchange Letters.
From The Living Church, December 4, 1944, pages 6-7.

Anglican Eastern Associations: A Sketch.
By Henry R. T. Brandreth.
Oxford: no publisher, 1945.

The Spirit of Orthodoxy
By Princess Ileana of Romania
Boston: Church of the Advent, no date.

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