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George Sarawia


Death of the Rev. George Sarawia.
Auckland: The Island Voyage and Report, 1902, pp. 56-57.

Christianity, Masculinity and Authority in the Life of George Sarawia.
By Jane Samson.
Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, Vol. 20(2), 2009, pp. 60-84. [External link]

Translation of the Rev. George Sawawai's [sic] Account of his First Meeting with Bishops Selwyn and Patteson, etc.
Southern Cross Log, Auckland, Vol. VIII, No. 80, December 15, 1901, pp. 145-152; Vol. IX, No. 104, December 1, 1903, pp. 95-97; Vol. IX, No. 105, pp. 108-11.

O Logue ta Melanesia.
[The Church of Melanesia.]
Norfolk Island: Melanesian Mission Press, 1914.

The Beginning of the Work in the Banks Islands.
Southern Cross Log, Vol. XX, No. 237, Auckland, June 1, 1915, pp. 527-530. [Also published in Southern Cross Log, Vol. 21(8), London, August, 1915, pp. 122-124.]

They Came to My Island: The Beginnings of the Mission in the Banks Islands
Translated by Bishop D.A. Rawcliffe
Honiara: Church of Melanesia, Provincial Press, 1973.
Originally Published by S. Peter's College, Siota, British Solomon Islands, the Theological College of the Diocese of Melanesia, to mark the Centenary of the Ordination as Deacon of George Sarawia on 20th December 1868, by the Diocese of Melanesia Press, Taroaniara [Gela, Solomon Islands]

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