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John Coleridge Patteson


Record of Consecration of the Rev. John Coleridge Patteson (1861)
Transcribed from an original copy held by the Church of the Province of Melanesia provincial headquarters, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the Rev. John Coleridge Patteson, M.A. Fellow of Merton College, to Act as Missionary Bishop among the Western Islands of the South Pacific, on the Festival of St. Matthias, Feb. 24, 1861.
By George Augustus Selwyn.
Auckland: Printed at the Melanesian Press, 1861.

The Abiding Comforter: A Sermon preached in St. Mary's Church, Auckland, on the Evening of Sunday, 3rd of March, 1861 (being the day of His Consecration)
By the late Right Rev. John Coleridge Patteson, D.D.
From Mission Life: An Illustrated Magazine of Home and Foreign Church Work, edited by the Rev. J. J. Halcombe, M.A.
London: W. Wells Gardner, 1872, Volume III, Part 1, pages 238-242.

Extracts from Letters.
From Occasional Papers from St. Augustine's College, No. 70 (April 8, 1863), pages 2-4.

Lecture on the Melanesian Mission delivered at Nelson, September 25, 1863
By R. H. Codrington
Together with the Report and Accounts of the Mission, by John Coleridge Patteson (1863) Adobe Acrobat format.

An Account of the Visit of Bishop Patteson to Brisbane, 1864
From the Moreton Bay Courier [Brisbane], April 9, 1864

Diocesan Board of Missions.
[Account of Bishop J.C. Patteson's Address to the Board of Missions on the work of the Melanesian Mission]
From the Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday, April 16, 1864, page 5.

South Sea Island Labour Traffic
By J. C. Patteson
From Appendices to the Journals of the New Zealand House of Representatives, 1871, G-35.

The Death of Bishop Patteson
By C. H. Brooke
From Mission Life: An Illustrated Magazine of Home and Foreign Church Work, ed. Rev. J. J. Halcombe, M.A., Volume III, Part I (new series), London: W. Wells Gardner, 1872, pages 1-23.

The Finished Course, Being Recollections of Bishop Patteson on the Anniversary of His Death
By C. H. Brooke
From Mission Life, Vol. IV (1873), pages 116-143.

Copy of the Probate of the Will of Bishop Patteson
Transcribed by Bishop Terry Brown from a copy in the Anglican Church of Melanesia Archives, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 20 January 2010.

Bishop Patteson: An Address, Prepared for Parochial Use in 1874.
By R. W. B. Elliot, D.D. Missionary Bishop of Western Texas.
New York, Thomas Whittaker, n.d.

Life of John Coleridge Patteson: Missionary Bishop of the Melanesian Islands
By Charlotte Mary Yonge
London: Macmillan, 1875.

Eminent Christian Workers of the Nineteenth Century.
By George Barnett Smith.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1893. [External link]

Heroes of the South Seas.
By Martha Burr Banks.
New York: American Tract Society, c. 1896. [External link]

Bishop Patteson: The Martyr of Melanesia.
By Jesse Page.
London: S. W. Partridge, [189-?] [External link]

Bishop Patteson: As the Natives Saw Him.
By Edward Wogale
From Southern Cross Log, Vol. X, No. 109, Auckland, May 15, 1904, pp. 10-12.

Coleridge Patteson of Melanesia: A Modern Knight
By Joseph Hopkins Twichell, M.A.
New Haven: Yale Foreign Missionary Society, 1906.

Patteson of the Isles.
By Mary H. Debenham.
London: Humphrey Milford, 1921. [External link]

John Coleridge Patteson: An Account of His Death at Nukapu, and Description of S. Barnabas Chapel, Norfolk Island, Dedicated to His Memory.
Issued in Loving Remembrance by the Melanesian Mission on the 50th Anniversary of His Death.
By H. N. Drummond.
Parkstone: Ralph & Brown, 1930.

Patteson of Melanesia
By Ormond Edward Burton
New Zealand: Levin Printing Works Ltd., c. 1955.

John Coleridge Patteson: A Sermon by Canon Charles Elliot Fox on the Occasion of the Centenary of the Consecration of Bishop John Coleridge Patteson, February 24, 1961.
[Typescript in Church of Melanesia Provincial Office, Honiara]

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