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The Community of the Cross

A New Development
From the Southern Cross Log, London, November 1928, page 168.

"Ta'ina:" Some lines on a new movement in Melanesia.
[By Walter Hubert Baddeley]
Sydney, New South Wales: The Melanesian Mission, 1935.

The Community of the Cross.
Rochester and Chatham: Parrett and Neves, 1946.

The School Island.
By Sister Veronica of the Cross.
London: SPCK for the Melanesian Mission, 1949.

And There is Much Rubbish
By Sister Gwen of the Cross
From The Southern Cross Log, Vol. 57, No. 1 (January Quarter, 1950), London, pages 168-172.

The Community of the Cross.
London: Melanesian Mission, 1950.

God, Truth and Thirteen (a Conversion Story).
By Sister Gwen Cross.
Sydney, Australian Catholic Truth Society, (Pamphlet No. 1246), 1956.

Sister Gwen Cross, "Year of the Great Return," in Marist Missions, Framingham Centre, Massachusetts, Vol. XVI, No. 3 (May-June 1960), pp. 56-64.

Aloha Solomons: The Story of a People's Courage and Loyalty.
By Sister Gwen Cross.
Suva: University of the South Pacific's Institute of Pacific Studies in association with the Solomon Islands Extension Centre, [1982]

"The Hidden Lives of Helen Leishman" in Women – Church: An Australian Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, No. 33, Spring 2003, pages 13-17.
By Thomas W. Campbell.

"Community of the Cross, Melanesia," in T.W. Campbell, Religious Communities of the Anglican Communion: Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.
Braddon, ACT: privately published, 2007.

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