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Colonial Church Histories



The Dioceses of Auckland, Christchurch,
Dunedin, Nelson, Waiapu, Wellington,
and Melanesia.




The Very Rev. Henry Jacobs, D.D.

Dean of Christchurch, New Zealand.
Published under the direction of the Tract Committee




Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge,
Northumberland Avenue, Charing Cross, W.C.;
43, Queen Victoria Street, E.C.
Brighton: 135, North Street.
New York: E. & J. B. Young & Co.

Transcribed by the Reverend Michael Blain, 2007.



Chapter I. Samuel Marsden--His first Efforts for the New Zealanders--His Visit to England--Foundation of the Mission by Church Missionary Society--The Society's first Agents--Their Instructions--Ruatara--Massacre of the Boyd--The Missionary brig Active--Hongi-- Marsden's First Visit to New Zealand--His first Step--His Confidence--The first Service--Christmas Day, 1814 --Settling of the Missionaries--Death of Ruatara--His last Thoughts

Chapter II. Marsden's Second Visit--State of Mission--Seminary at Paramatta--Rev. J. Butler--First Celebration of Holy Communion--Trading for Muskets--Marsden's Third Visit--Hongi and Kendall go to England--Character of Hongi--Change in his Conduct--Ordination of Kendall --His Behaviour Professor Lee, and the Maori Language--Paralysis of Mission--The Rev. H. Williams--Marsden's Fourth Visit--Settlement of the Rev. H. Williams at Paihia--Wreck of the Brampton

Chapter III. A New Era--Trials--Slow Progress--Schools and Classes--Building of The Herald--The Rev. W. Williams--His Preparation and Ordination--His arrival at Paihia--Progress in the Language--Troubles in 1827--Marsden's Fifth Visit--Hongi dies--Signs of Improve-ment--Peace-making--First Baptism--First Public Baptism of Infants--Battle of Kororareka--Marsden's Sixth Visit--Reconciliation--Progress of Translation--Fresh Labourers--A New Mission Vessel--Perilous Voyage--Eagerness of the Natives to learn--New Station at Waimate--A Successful Effort--Darkness before the Dawn--Admission to Holy Communion--Beginning of Native Agency--New Station at Kaitaia--Further Advance in Translation--Improvement in 1833

Chapter IV. Efforts to Extend Mission--British Resident--New Station in the Thames District--Expedition of Rev. W. Williams to East Cape--Hicks's Bay and Waiapu--The Waikato Explored--New Stations at Mangapouri and Tauranga--Removal of Rev. W. Williams to Waimate--A Distinguished Visitor--His Testimony--Translation of New Testament and Prayer Book--Arrival of Rev. R. Maunsell--Marsden's Last Visit--His Reception by the People--His Death at Paramatta--Visit of Bishop Broughton--Rev. Octavius Hadfield--First Confirmation--Ordination of Mr. Hadfield to Priesthood--Bishop Broughton's Report to Church Missionary Society --Roman Catholic Mission--Waharoa--Mission Stations Pillaged--The Waikato Stations

Chapter V. Native Agency--Taumatakura-- His Success--Removal of Rev. W. Williams to Turanga--Great Advance in that District--Ripaha--Rauparaha of Otaki--His Son and Nephew--Learning to Read under Difficulties--Strange Reading Party at Kapiti--Visit of the Cousins to the Bay of Islands in search of a Missionary--Mr. Hadfield volunteers--Is settled at Otaki--Waikanae to share his services--Station formed at Wanganui--Retrospect of Missionary Period--Beginning of a New Era--The Year 1840--Treaty of Waitangi--British Sovereignty Proclaimed--Systematic Colonisation--Church Society for New Zealand--Proposal to appoint a Bishop--Maori Superstitions--Origin of the New Zealander---Character of their Religion--Atua-- Karakia--Tohunga--Te Reinga--The Tapu--Concluding Remarks--Value set on the Holy Scriptures



Chapter I. Appointment and Consecration of Bishop--His Family and previous Life--Character--Letters Patent--Endoments--Fellow-workers--Departure--Voyage--Arrival

Chapter II. Arrival at Paihia--Mutual First Impressions--Residence at Waimate--First Appointment of Archdeacon--First Visitation Tour--Death of Mr. Evans--Return to Auckland--Death of Rev. T. C. Whytehead--First Confirmation--Financial Arrangements--Peace-making--Ordinations--The Rev. Oct. Hadfield

Chapter III. First Missionary Tour in Middle Island--Return to Bay of Islands--Bishop Selwyn as a Missionary--Ordinations--Installation of Archdeacons--Rev. G. A. Kissling--- Removal of St. John's College to Tamaki--Illness of Rev. O. Hadfield--Translations of the Old and New Testaments--Translation of Prayer-book

Chapter IV. Native Disaffection and its Cause--Heke's Insurrection--The Missionaries charged with Treason--Governor Grey--Prejudice against Missionaries--Missionary Land Grants--Grey's Confidential Despatch--Demand for Inquiry--How responded to--The Bishop's Views--The Governor's open Opposition--Goes to Law

Chapter V. Governor Grey's Despatch to Earl Grey--The Conciliatory Resolutions--The Governor and the Bishop--Refusal to Surrender Grants--Breach with Bishop--Dismissal--Retires to Pakaraka--Vindication--Archdeacon W. Williams meets Committee--Complete Exoneration--Henry Williams Re-instated--Reconciliation with Bishop and Governor

Chapter VI. Synods of Clergy at Waimate, 1844 and 1847--Status of Colonial Church-- Commencement of Melanesian Mission--Plan pursued--Conference of Bishops at Sydney--Australasian Board of Missions--The Border Maid--Voyage of 1851

Chapter VII. Annus Mirabilis--Fellow-workers from Home--Canterbury Pilgrims--First Visit to the New Settlement--Bishop-Designate of Lyttelton--Bishop's Second Visit--Third Visit--Appointment of Commissaries--Epoch page 176

Chapter VIII. The Era of Church Organisation--In what sense Bishop Selwyn was Author of Church Constitution--Address of 1850--Pastoral of 1852--Proposed Principles of Church Constitution--Remarks on these

Chapter IX. The Canterbury Church Committee--Letter written by Mr. J. R. Godley at request of the Committee--Analysis of the same

Chapter X. The Bishop's Second Pastoral--Meetings to consider Basis of Constitution--Auckland Meeting--Wellington Meeting--Nelson Meeting--New Plymouth Meeting--Wanganui, Lyttelton, and Otago Meetings--Christ-church Meeting--General Remarks

Chapter XI. The Bishop's Visit to England--Its Result--His Return with Rev. J. C. Patteson--Meeting at Christchurch--Resolutions--Mr. Labouchere's Words--Religious, [xi/xii] Charitable, and Educational Trusts Act, 1856--Consecration of first Bishop of Christchurch--Arrival and Enthronisation

Chapter XII. Conference summoned--How composed--Analysis of Report with Comments--Arrangements for Meeting of First General Synod--Preamble and Fundamental Provisions



Chapter I. First General Synod convened--New Sees of Wellington, Nelson, and Waiapu--Appointments to them--Members of Synod, Clerical and Lay--Opening of Synod--Address--Business--Tribunals Bill--Nomi-nators' Statute--First Standing Commission--Maori Liberality--Theoretical Question--Remarks

Chapter II. Bishop Selwyn in time of War--Consecration of Bishop Patteson--Second General Synod--Opening Address--Character and Results of Session--Christchurch Board of Trusts Statute--Rise and Growth of Dis-satisfaction--Objections to Constitution--Judgment in case of Long v. Bishop of Capetown--Duke of New-castle's Despatch--Action of Bishop and Synod of Christchurch--Report of Commission

Chapter III. Meeting of Third General Synod--Its Members--General Character of Session--President's Address--Hauhau Outbreak--Openings for Reconciliation--Diocesan Basis--Lengthy Debate--Revision of Constitution--Amendments actually made--Dioceses to have Independent Management of Property--Discipline Statutes

Chapter IV. The Bishops resign their Patents--The Effect--The Dunedin Bishopric Question--The Bishop of New Zealand writes to the Archbishop--Appointment of Rev. H. L. Jenner-- Resolutions of Rural Deanery Boards vetoed--The Primate's Visit to the South--Dr. Jenner Consecrated--Resolutions of R. D. Board, February, 1867--Memorial--Mr. W. Carr Young's Letters--His Interview with the Archbishop--Bishop Jenner's Undertaking--The Archbishop's Letter--Resolutions of R. D. Board--Bishop Jenner's departure delayed--Sir W. Martin's opinion--General desire to refer the matter to the General Synod

Chapter V. Fourth General Synod--Select Committee on Jenner Case--The Debate and its Result--Other Measures of the Session--Farewell Addresses to Bishop Selwyn--Fare-well Services--Departure--Letter written on board the Hero--Bishop Jenner arrives in Dunedin--Diocesan Synod convened--Final struggle and its Result

Chapter VI. Fifth General Synod--Bishop Cowie--Bishop Hadfield--Dunedin Bishopric Case--The Bishoprics Statute--The Discipline Statutes--Diocesan Boards Statute--Modification of Services--Close of Session--Consecra-tion of Bishop Nevill--Action of English Prelates--The Primate's Letter--Bishop Jenner's Reply--Death of Bishop Patteson--Sixth General Synod--Constitutional Questions--Statute No. 19--Bishop of Dunedin again--Board of Theological Studies--St. John's College, Auckland--The Melanesian Bishopric

Chapter VII. Seventh General Synod--Character of Session--Formu-laries Bill--Other Proceedings-- Letter of Bishop Reinkens--Consecration of Bishop of Melanesia--Bishopric of Waiapu--Consecration of Bishop Stuart--Death of Bishop Williams--Eighth General Synod--Theological College--Suffragan Bishop--Diocesan Boards--Diaconate and Lay Ministrations--Church of Sweden--Close of Session

Chapter VIII. Consecration of Christchurch Cathedral--Ninth General Synod--Legislation recast in shape of Canons--The Ven. Archdeacon Harris--The Discipline Bills--Church of Sweden--St. John's College, Auckland--The Maori Apostasy--Tenth General Synod--Reminiscences--Bishop Barry--Samoan Chiefs--Episcopal Superintendence of the Fiji Group--Sir Alexander Stuart--Education System of New Zealand--Petition to Legislature--Diaconate and Lay Ministrations--St. John's College--History of Church of New Zealand--Conclusion



Chapter I.
THE DIOCESE OF AUCKLAND. Statistics--Clergy Pension Fund--Diocesan Endowments--General Endowments-- Institutions

Chapter II.
DIOCESE OF CHRISTCHURCH. Staff of the Diocese--Statistics--Endowments--Home Mission Fund--Institutions of the Diocese:--1. Christ's College,Canterbury --2. Christchurch Cathedral

Chapter III.
DIOCESE OF DUNEDIN. Staff of the Diocese--Licensed Clergy and Lay Readers-Confirmations--Diocesan Trust Board:--A. Bishopric Fund; B. Theological College Fund; C. General Church Fund

Chapter IV.
DIOCESE OF NELSON, COMPILED BY THE RIGHT REV.THE LORD BISHOP OF NELSON. Foundation of Settlement--The First Clergyman--The Maories--Rev. C. L. Reay--Bishop Selwyn's Visits--The Rev. H. F.Butt--Foundation of Bishopric--Bishop [xv/xvi] Hobhouse--The present Bishop--Alteration of Boundaries--Archdeaconries--Statistics--Bishopdale College--Bishop's School--Cathedral--Orphanage

Chapter V.
DIOCESE OF WAIAPU. Early History--Bishopric Endowment--Contrast between Northern and Southern Districts--The Bishop and his Staff--Statistics

Chapter VI.
DIOCESE OF WELLINGTON. Boundaries of Diocese--Bishops--Endowments:--I. For Bishoprics; 2. Educational--Statistics--Finance--Pension Fund

Chapter VII.
DIOCESE OF MELANESIA. The Mission Field--The Mission Staff--Head Quarters of the Mission--Statistics--Churches--Expenditure--Means of Support

Chapter VIII.
THE MAORI MISSION. Mission Board--Native Church Boards--Maori Church Sta-tistics:--I. North Island--II. South Island--Educational Institutions:--A. Training College at Gisborne--B. Native College at Te Aute-- Native Girls' School at Napier

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