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Anglicanism in the Middle East

The Jerusalem Bishopric

Anglicanism in Persia/Iran

Extract of Several Letters Relating to the Great Charity and Usefulness of Printing the New Testament and Psalter in the Arabick Language; For the Benefit for the Poor Christians in Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Egypt, and other Eastern Countries. With a Proposal for Executing So Good an Undertaking.
London: J. Downing, 1725.

Mission to Kurdistan in 1842
[From Colonial Church Chronicle and Missionary Journal, Vol. III (No. XXXII) (February, 1850), pages 287-292; (No. XXXIII) (March, 1850), pages 330-333; Vol. IV (No. XXXVII) (July, 1850), pages 12-20; (No. XXXIX) (September, 1850), pages 89-95; (No. XLI) (November, 1850), pages 166-173; (No. XLIV) (February, 1851), pages 290-293; (No. XLV) (March, 1851), pages 329-333.]

Position of the British Church in Constantinople
From Colonial Church Chronicle and Missionary Journal, Vol. IV (October, 1850), pages 139-141.

Journals and Letters of the Rev. Henry Martyn, B.D.
Late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge; and Chaplain to the Honourable East India Company.
Edited by the Rev. S. Wilberforce, M.A. (1837)

Farewell Sermon, Preached at the Episcopal Jews' Chapel, Palestine Place, Bethnal Green, in Compliance with the Special Request of the Committee of the London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews, on Monday Evening, November 8, 1841, being the Day after His Consecration.
By M.S. Alexander.
London: B. Wertheim, 1841.

Notes on the Overland Route, via the Persian Gulf and the Euphrates Valley
By W. B. Keer
From Mission Life, Vol. IV (1873), pages 82-92.

In and around Jerusalem. The Greek Easter.
By Wiliam Brown Keer.
From Mission Life, Vol. V (new series) (1874), pages 197-206.

"Thy Kingdom come." A Sermon preached in Lambeth Palace Chapel March 25, 1887 on the Occasion of the Consecration of the Ven. G.F.P. Blyth, Archdeacon of Rangoon, to be Bishop of the English Church in Jerusalem and the East
By Edward Bickersteth
London: Rivingtons, 1887.

The Journey of the Sisters of Bethany from London to Urmi (Persia), to Join the Assyrian Mission.
London: H. & W. Brown, 1890.

Mohammedan Missions in the Near East: A Sermon Preached in Lincoln Minster.
By William John Oldfield.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1903.

Mankind and the Church
Being an Attempt to Estimate the Contribution of Great Races to the Fulness of the Church of God
Edited by H. H. Montgomery
London, New York, Bombay and Calcutta: Longmans, Green and Co., 1907.

V. Mohammedan Races: Their Contributions to the Body of Christ
The Right Rev. G. A. Lefroy, D.D., Bishop of Lahore

Chapter I. Islam: Its Merits and Failures

Chapter II. Suggestions for Work among Moslems

Bishopric in Jerusalem
By S.L. Ollard
From S.L. Ollard and Gordon Crosse, eds. A Dictionary of English Church History
London: Mowbray and Co., Ltd, 1912, pages 298-299.

An Heroic Bishop: The Life-Story of French of Lahore
By Eugene Stock
London, New York and Toronto: Hodder and Stoughton, [1913]

Mary Bird in Persia
By Clara C. Rice
London: Church Missionary Society, 1916.

Doctors' Doings in Persia in Three Scenes.
By Catherine M. Ironside
London: Church Missionary Society, 1920.

Glimpses of Persia
By M.M. Wood
London: Church Missionary Society, 1922.

Persia: Old and New
By the Rev. W. Wilson Cash.
London: Church Missionary Society, 1929.

A Merry Mountaineer: The Story of Clifford Harris of Persia
By R. W. Howard
London: Church Missionary Society, 1931.

The Open Road in Persia
By the Rev. J. R. Richards, C.M.S. Missionary at Shiraz
With a Foreword by the Rt. Rev. J. H. Linton, D.D., Bishop in Persia
London: Church Missionary Society, 1933.

Something New in Iran
By John Neville Hoare
London Church Missionary Society, 1937.

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