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Resources on Lutheranism and Anglicanism

The Lutheran Liturgy Now Us'd by the Protestants in the Reformed Churches of Germany, Prov'd to Agree with the Rites and Ceremonies in the Several Offices of the Book of Common-Prayer, Us'd by the Church of England.
Faithfully translated out of the German Tongue, by a late Gentleman-Commoner of Magdalen College in Oxford.
London: J. Morphew, 1715.

Sacred Reminiscences: A Sermon Delivered August 21, 1842 in the Old Swedes' Church, Wilmington, Del., with Historical Notes.
By John W M'Cullough.
Wilmington, Delaware: Printed by Porter & Naff, 1842.

The Lutheran Aggression: A Letter to the Tranquebar Missionaries
By George Uglow Pope
Madras: Printed for the Author, American Mission Press, 1850.

Ecclesiastical Relations and Religious Reform. Document II.
Communication from the Reverend J. P. Tustin, D.D., Presbyter, to the Joint Committee of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States on ecclesiastical Relations and Religious Reform.
The Church of Sweden. Presented January, 1876.
Brooklyn: Printed for the Joint Committee, 1876.

Past and Present Relations between the Anglican Communion and the Church of Sweden.
By G. Hammarskjold.
New York: A.G. Sherwood, c. 1890.

On the Question of Swedish Orders.
By Henry Robert Percival.
New York: American Church Press, 1892.

Gustaf Elias Unonius. This first graduate of Nashotah House Theological Seminary was a Swedish Lutheran who emigrated to Wisconsin in 1841 and was subsequently ordained in the Episcopal Church.

The Swedish Communion Office, Generally known as The High Mass. As authorized for Use among the Swedes in the [Episcopal] Diocese of Quincy. A translation. np: np, circa 1902.

Paraments of the Lord's House.
By the Rev. G. U. Wenner, D.D. Read before the Lutheran Liturgical Association, Pittsburgh, Pa., May 23, 1904.

The Church of England and the Church of Sweden
Report of the Commission Appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in Pursuance of Resolution 74 of the Lambeth Conference of 1908
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1911.

Swedish and American Church Life: A Tract for Swedes.
By G. Mott Williams.
[New York:] Committee on the Various Races, 1916.

Norwegian and English Churches: Past and Present Relations.
By Albert Nicolay Gilbertson.
New York: Department of Missions and Church Extension, c. 1920.

The Finns
By Arthur Cotter
New York: The National Council, Department of Missions and Church Extension, 1923.

The Proper Communion Vestments.
By P. Severinsen. The Church Historical Society of Denmark, n.d. Translation of De rette Messeklaeder, 1924.

Martinus Lutherus contra Henricum Regem AngliƦ. Martin Luther against Henry King of England, translated by the Rev. E. S. Buchanan, M.A., B.Sc.
New York: Charles A. Swift, 1928.

Swedish Folk within Our Church
By Thomas Burgess
New York: Foreign-Born Americans Division, the National Council, 1929.

Report of the Committee Appointed to Confer with Representatives of the Church of Finland In Accordance with Resolution 38 of the Lambeth Conference, 1930

The Church of Denmark and the Anglican Communion: A Paper Read before the Scandinavian Episcopal Church Association and Printed on Request.
By Rasmus Andersen.
[New York:] Department of Missions of the Episcopal Church, nd.

Conferences between Representatives Appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury on behalf of the Church of England and Representatives of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of Latvia and Estonia.
No place: no publisher, 1938.

The Catholic Movement in the Swedish Church.
By Gunnar Rosendal. Hale Memorial Address for 1950.

The Church of England and the Churches of Norway, Denmark and Iceland.
Report of the Commitee Appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1951. Guildford: Billing, 1952.

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