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Thomas Lathbury


A History of the English Episcopacy.
London: Parker, 1836. [External link]

The State of Popery and Jesuitism in England from the Reformation to the Period of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill in 1829, and the Charge of Novelty, Heresy, and Schism against the Church of Rome Substantiated.
London: J. Leslie, 1838.

Guy Fawkes: Or, a Complete History of the Gunpowder Treason, A.D. 1605.
London: J.W. Parker, 1839.

The Spanish Armada.
London: J.W. Parker, 1840.

The National Church the Best Medium of National Education: A Sermon Preached in the Abbey Church, Bath, Sunday, February 14th, 1841, after the reading of the Queen's Letter, in Behalf of the National Society.
London: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., 1841.

The Authority of the Services for the Fifth of November, the Thirtieth of January, the Twenty-ninth of May, for the Accession of the Sovereign, Considered.
London: William Edward Painter, 1843.

Memorials of Ernest the Pious, First Duke of Saxe-Gotha, and the Lineal Ancestor of his Royal Highness, the Prince Albert.
London: John W. Parker, 1843.

A Letter Respectfully Addressed to the Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, First Lord of the Treasury, on the Restoration of Suffragan Bishops.
London: John W. Parker, 1844.

A History of the Nonjurors, Their Controversies and Writings, with Remarks on Some of the Rubrics in the Book of Common Prayer.
London: Pickering, 1845. [External link]

A History of the Convocation of the Church of England from the Earliest Period to the Year 1742.
London: J. Leslie, 1853. [External link]

A History of the Book of Common Prayer and Other Books of Authority.
Oxford and London: John Henry and James Parker, 1859. [External link]

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