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Richard Durnford


A Memoir of Richard Durnford, Sometime Bishop of Chichester.
London: John Murray, 1899. [External link]

The Sermon Preached at the Parish Church of St. John Baptist, Heaton Mersey, on Sunday, January 2nd, 1870 (the Sunday after the Funeral of the Right Rev. James Prince Lee, D.D., Lord Bishop of Manchester).
Manchester: Charles Simms and Co., 1870.

The Purpose and Promise of Christ the Strength and Hope of the Missions of the Church.
London: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1871.

A Sermon Preached in S. Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, for the Church Penitentiary Association, on Thursday, May 4, 1871.
London: Spottiswoode, 1871.

A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Chichester, at His Primary Visitation in November, 1871.
London: Rivingtons, 1872.

"Faithful unto Death:" A Sermon Preached after the Funeral of W.F. Hook, Dean.
Chichester: T.B. Wilmshurst, 1875.

Free and Open Churches: A Sermon Preached at St. Paul's Cathedral on the 23rd of June, 1876, the Tenth Anniversary of the London Free and Open Church Association.
London: London Free and Open Church Association, 1876.

The Royal Saint and His School: A Sermon Preached by Richard, Lord Bishop of Chichester, at the Consecration of the Lower Chapel, Eton College, Wednesday, June 24th, 1891.
Eton: Eton College Press, 1891.

Memorials of James Chapman, D. D. First Bishop of Colombo, with a Prefatory Letter from the Rt. Rev. Richard Durnford.
London: Skeffington, 1892.

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