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Robert Campbell Moberly


Marie Antoinette: A Prize Poem Recited in the Theatre, Oxford, June 26, 1867.
Oxford: T. and G. Shrimpton, 1867.

An Account of the Question Which Has Arisen between the Bishop and the Church Missionary Society in the Diocese of Colombo.
Oxford and London: James Parker and Co., 1876.

Theological Colleges, Their Aim and Spirit: Illustrated by Two Sermons Preached Respectively, on the Vigil and the Festival of St. Peter, 1881, in Connection with the Festival, and Opening of the New Chapel, of the Salisbury Diocesan Theological College.
Salisbury: Bennett, 1881. [External link]

Addresses to the Members of the Chichester Theological College, Delivered on May 31st and June 1st, 1883.
Chichester: Wilmshurst, 1883.

Hints for Shakespeare-study Exemplified in an Analytical Study of Julius Caesar, Especially Intended for Candidates for Examination.
Cambridge: D. Bell, 1884.

The Light of the Revelation of God upon the Question of Marriage with a Sister-in-law: Being a Series of Four Papers Read before the Chester Clerical Society.
Chester: Phillipson and Golder, 1884.

Sorrow, Sin, and Beauty: Three Short Series of Addresses.
New York: James Pott, 1889. [External link, 1903 edition]

A Sermon Preached in the Church of Saint Mary and All Saints, Great Budworth, on the Fifth Sunday in Lent, April 3rd, 1892, Being the Last Sunday of His Ministry as Vicar of the Parish.
Chester: Phillipson and Golder, 1892.

Considerations upon Disestablishment and Disendowment.
Oxford: Parker and Co., 1894.

Reason and Religion: Some Aspects of Their Mutual Interdependence.
London and New York: Longmans Green, 1896.

The Enrichment of Private Prayer.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1897.

Is the Independence of Church Courts Really Impossible?
Oxford: James Parker, 1899. [External link]

Atonement and Personality.
London and New York: Longmans, Green, 1901. [External link, 1906 edition]

Two Sermons Preached at S. Matthew's, Otterbourne in Memoriam, Charlotte Mary Yonge, March 31st, 1901.
By Robert Campbell Moberly and H. Walter Brock.
Eastleigh: Eastleigh Printing Works, 1901.

Christ Our Life: Sermons Chiefly Preached in Oxford.
New York: Longmans, Green, 1902.

Undenominationalism as a Principle of Primary Education.
London: John Murray, 1902. [External link]

Problems and Principles: Being Papers on Subjects Theological and Ecclesiastical.
London: John Murray, 1904. [External link]

Ministerial Priesthood: Chapters (Preliminary to a Study of the Ordinal) on the Rationale of Ministry and the Meaning of Christian Priesthood.
London: J. Murray, 1905. [External link, 1913 edition]

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