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Roland Allen


Compiled by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry M. Brown
Retired Bishop of Malaita

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By Henry R. Boer.
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바울의 선교방법론 / Paul ŭi Sŏn'gyo Pangbŏmnon.
[Korean translation of Missionary Methods, St. Paul’s or Ours?, by Nam-sik Kim.]
Seoul: 도서출판 베다니 (Tosŏ Ch'ulp'an Pedani), 1998.

선교의 영 / Sŏn'gyo ŭi Yŏng.
[Korean translation of Missionary Principles, by Nam-sik Kim.]
Seoul:  기독교문서선교회 (Kidokkyo Munsŏ Sŏn'gyohoe), 2008.

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