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Lancelot Blackburne


The Unreasonableness of Anger: A Sermon Preach'd before the Queen at White-hall, July 29, 1694.
London: Thomas Bennet, 1694.

The Love of God Manifested in Giving Our Saviour for the Redemption of Mankind: A Sermon Preach'd before the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen on Nov. the 29th, 1696, Being the First Sunday in Advent.
London: Thomas Bennet, 1697.

The Mystery of Godliness: A Sermon Preached before Her Majesty, at St. James's Chapel, on Sunday, Dec. 9th. 1705.
London: Thomas Bennet, 1705.

The Blessedness of Suffering Persecution for Righteousness Sake: A Sermon Preach'd before Her Majesty at St. James's Chappel on Sunday December the 26th, 1708.
London: Printed and sold by Henry Hills, 1709.

Concio ad Synodum ab Archiepiscopi commissariis episcopis et clero Provinciæ Cantuariensis celebrandam habita die Jovis 16to Februarii, MDCCXIII.
London: Samuel Buckley, 1714.

A Sermon Preach'd before the Honourable House of Commons at St. Margaret's Westminster, on the Thirtieth of January, 17 1516, Being the Day of the Martyrdom of King Charles I.
London: Printed and sold by J. Roberts, 1716.

His Grace the Arch-Bishop of York's Letter to the Right Reverend the Lords Bishops of His Province, Westminster, March 9th, 1726.
London: Printed for Charles King at the Judge's-Head in Westminster-Hall, 1727.

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