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John Rowland West


A Catechism on the Church.
London: Henry Batty, 1848. [External link]

A Help for the Use of Parents and Sponsors, before They Bring Their Child to be Baptized.
London: Henry Batty, 1849.

On the Figures and Types of the Old Testament.
London: J. Masters, 1854. [External link]

A Short Elementary Treatise on the Holy Eucharist.
London: J. Masters, 1868. [External link]

Parish Sermons on the Ascension of Our Lord.
London: J. Masters, 1871. [External link]

Reasons for Not Obeying the State Court of Final Appeal in Ecclesiastical Matters.
London: J. Masters, 1871.

A Distinctive Vestment for the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist, Required by Common Sense, Sanctioned by Holy Scripture, Used by the Whole Catholic Church, and Ordered by the Rubrics of the Church of England.
London: J. Masters, 1872. [External link]

The North End Unhistorical, Unrubrical, Unmeaning, and Irreverent toward God.
London: J. Masters, 1872.

A Dialogue Between the Vicar and a Parishioner: Concerning the Most Holy Communion.
London: J. Masters, 1873.

A Dialogue on the Necessity of the Holy Communion of the Body and Blood of Christ.
London: J. Masters, 1873.

A Dialogue on Ritualism between the Vicar and Mr. Davies.
London: J. Masters, 1873.

Parish Sermons for the Advent and Christmas Seasons.
London: J. Masters, 1875. [External link]

Parish Sermons on the Holy Eucharist.
London: J. Masters, 1877. [External link]

A Dialogue on the One Only Service Ordered for Us All by the Lord Himself.
London: J. Masters, 1878.

On the Nature and Constitutiuon of the Present Kingdom of Heaven upon Earth.
London: J. Masters, 1882. [External link]

A Plea for the Use of the First Reformed Liturgy.
London: J. Masters, 1883. [External link]

Wrawby Village Dialogues.
London: J. Masters, 1887.

Plea for the Better Observance of the Friday Fast: Addressed to Members of the Church of England
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1892.

A Sermon on Four Notes of Unity According to Acts II. 42, on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Building of the Church at Glamford Briggs, 18th June, 1893.
London: no publisher, 1893.

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