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John David Chambers


An Examination into Certain Errors and Anomalies in the Principles and Detail of the Registration Clauses of the Reform Act, with Suggestions for Their Amendment.
London: Saunders and Benning, 1832. [External link]

A Practical Treatise on the Jurisdiction of the High Court of Chancery Over the Persons and Property of Infants.
London: Saunders and Benning, 1842. [External link]

A Review of the Gorham Case, in Its Aspects, Moral and Legal, with a Critical Examination of the Judgment: A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Salisbury.
London: William Benning, 1850.

The Psalter, or Seven Ordinary Hours of Prayer according to the Use of the Illustrious and Excellent Church of Sarum, and the Hymns, Antiphons and Orisons or Collects, for the Principal Festivals and Seasons, Also, the Litany and Vigils of the Dead.
London: Joseph Masters, 1852. [External link]

A Companion to Confession and Holy Communion.
London: Lumley, 1853.

An Order of Household Devotion (Suitable also for Private Life) for Every Morning and Evening for a Week Compiled from the Ancient English Offices of Sarum Use.
London: Lumley, 1854.

The Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist as Expounded by Herbert Thorndike.
London: Joseph Masters, 1855.

Strictures, Legal and Historical, on the Judgment of the Consistory Court of London, in December, 1855, in the Case of Westerton versus Liddell: Containing a Complete Exposition of Law and Fact on the Subjects in Dispute.
London: William Benning, 1856.

Lauda Syon: Ancient Latin Hymns of the English and Other Churches.
London: Masters, Novello, 1857. [External link]

Lights before the Sacrament: An Argument, Scriptural, Historical, and Legal, in a Letter to a Master of Convocation.
London: J. Masters, 1866.

Strictures on the Judgement of the Court of Appeal in the Case of Martin v. Mackonochie.
London: Church Press, 1869. [External link]

The Encheiridion: Being the Daily Hours of Private Prayer, Sacramental and Other Devotions of the Ancient English Church, According to Sarum Use with Appendices of Hymns and the Collects for the Year.
London: Lumley, 1870.

A Comment on the Late Judgment in Hebbert v. Purchas, with Some Counter Authorities.
London: Church Printing Company, 1871.

Divine Worship in England in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries Contrasted with and Adapted to That of the Nineteenth.
London: Basil Montagu Pickering, 1877. [External link]

External Worship: An Address Delivered to the South Kensington and Chelsea Branch of the English Church Union, on the Conversion of S. Paul, Jan. 25, 1882.
London: J. Masters, 1882.

The Theological and Philosophical Works of Hermes Trismegistus, Christian Neoplatonist.
Edinburgh: T.& T. Clark, 1882. [External link]

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