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George Bayfield Roberts


The Doctrine of the Apostolical Succession as Set Forth in the Prayer-book, the Ancient Fathers, and the New Testament.
Folkestone: Printed at the "Folkestone News" Office, 1877.

The Mother Church of England.
London: G.J. Palmer, 1877.

Clergy Discipline: Procedure by Canon under Royal Licence. A Speech Delivered by G. Bayfield Roberts at a Meeting of the E.C.U. held at Kensington on December 8, 1891.
London: English Church Union, 1891.

Spiritual Jurisdiction versus Erastianism: The Substance of an Address.
London: English Church Union, 1891.

The Divorce Acts: The Duty of Resisting Them and of Agitating for Their Repeal, etc.
London: English Church Union, 1892.

Evening Communions: Analysis (by Request) of an Address Delivered before the Bath Branch, 28th February 1893.
London: English Church Union, 1893.

What Are the Best Proofs of the Trustworthiness of the Old Testament? The Prize Essay (Open to the Diocese) in Connection with "The Society of Sacred Study," in the Diocese of Gloucester and Bristol.
London: J. Masters, 1894.

The History of the English Church Union 1859-1894 Compiled from Published Documents, together with a Sketch of the Origin of Church Unions, and a Vindication of the Position of the English Church Union.
London: Church Printing, 1895.

Dr. Wace's "Appeal to the First Six Centuries."
London: English Church Union, 1905.

The Testimony of the First Six Centuries.
London: English Church Union, 1905.

Are We Disloyal?
London: English Church Union, 1909.

Divorce Considered from the Point of View of the Church: A Paper Read before the E.C.U. at the Church House, Westminster, on February 22, 1911.
London: English Church Union, 1911.

Papal Question.
London and New York: I. Pitman, 1914.

The Place of the Laity in the Church.
Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1918.

The Catholic Doctrine of the Church.
London: Church Literature Association, no date.

The True Position of the Holy See in Christendom: A Paper Read before a Meeting of Clergy.
No place: no publisher, no date.

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