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George A. Moberly

Dulce Domum: George Moberly, His Family and Friends
By His Daughter, C. A. E. Moberly
London: John Murray, 1916.

A Few Remarks on the Proposed Admission of Dissenters into the University of Oxford.
Oxford: J.H. Parker, 1834.

Introduction to Logic.
Oxford and London: Parker and Rivington, 1835.

Things Indifferent: A Sermon on I Corinthians X. 23. Preached at St. Mary's, Oxford, on Sunday Evening, Feb. 8, 1835.
Oxford: J.H. Parker, 1835.

Three Short Sermons on Confirmation preached in the Chapel of Winchester College, November 1836.
no place:, 1836

The Fields White unto the Harvest: A Sermon Preached in Winchester Cathedral on Behalf of the Hampshire Society for the Education of the Poor on the Plan of the Rev. Dr. Bell and in the Principles of the Established Church.
Winchester: Jacob and Johnson, 1837.

Practical Sermons.
London: Rivington, 1838.

The Proposed Degradation and Declaration Considered in a Letter addressed to the Rev. the Master of Balliol College.
Oxford: J.H. Parker, 1845.

The Transfiguration of Christians: A Sermon Preached at St. Mary's Church, Oxford, on Easter Monday, April 5, 1847.
Oxford, London and Winchester: Parker, Rivingtons and Nutt, 1847.

Sermons Preached at Winchester College.
London: Rivington, 1848.

The Sayings of the Great Forty Days between the resurrection and ascension, regarded as Outlines of the Kingdom of God, in Five Discourses, with an Examination of Mr. Newman's theory of developments.
Philadelphia: H. Hooker, 1850.

All Saints, Kings, and Priests: Two Sermons, preached in the Chapel of Winchester College, on All Saints' Day, and the Fifth of November, 1850.
Winchester: Nutt, 1850.

Judas Iscariot: A Sermon Preached in the Church of St. Mary-the-Virgin, Oxford, on Friday, March 13, 1857.
Oxford: Parker, 1857.

"Blessed Are the Pure in Heart:" A Sermon Preached at St. Mary's Church, Oxford, before the University, Nov. 20, 1859.
Oxford: Parker, 1859.

Five Short Letters to Sir William Heathcote, Bart., M.P. for the University of Oxford, on the Studies and Discipline of Public Schools. 
London: Rivingtons, 1861.

"Sorrowing Most of All for the Words Which He Spake, That They Should See His Face No More:" A Sermon Preached in the Chapel of Winchester College, on Sunday, February 17, 1861, after the Funeral of the Rev. the Warden of Winchester College.
Winchester: D. Nutt, 1861.

The Unity of the Saints the Evidence of the Gospel: A Sermon Preached before the University of Oxford on All Saints' Day 1863.
Oxford: Parker, 1863.

Observations on the Public Schools Bill as affecting Winchester College.
Winchester: Nutt and Wells, 1865.

The Administration of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ: Eight Lectures Preached before the University of Oxford, in the Year 1868.
Bampton Lectures, 1868.
Oxford: J. Parker, 1868.

Brighstone Sermons.
London: Rivingtons, 1869.

Sermons on the Beatitudes with Others Mostly Preached before the University of Oxford, to Which Is Added a Preface relating to the Volume of "Essays and Reviews."
Oxford and London: J. Parker, 1870.

"He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be condemned." A sermon preached in Salisbury Cathedral on Sunday, July 21, 1872 With an appendix on the Athanasian Creed.
London and Oxford: Rivingtons, 1872.

The Method of Cultivating Unity: A Sermon preached in St Nicholas' Church, Brighton, October 6, 1874, at the Opening of the Church Congress.
London: William Wells Gardner, 1875.

Infant Baptism and Confirmation: Two Sermons Preached in Salisbury Cathedral.
London: Rivingtons, 1876.

The Bishop of Salisbury and the Public Worship Regulation Act: Correspondence between the Bishop and the Rector of Donhead St. Andrew, on a Representation made in pursuance of the Provisions of the P.W.R. Act by Sir T. Grove and others v. Chapman, Clerk.
Salisbury: Brown and Co., 1878.

Lord, Now Lettest Thou Thy Servant Depart in Peace: A Sermon preached in Salisbury Cathedral on the Occasion of the Opening of the Nave Pulpit Erected as A Memorial of the Late Ven. William Edward Hony, Archdeacon of Sarum.
Salisbury: Brown, 1879.
London: Simpkin, Marshall and Co., 1879.

Charge Delivered to the Clergy and Churchwardens of the Diocese of Salisbury at His Fifth Visitation, Held in July and August, 1882.
Salisbury: Brown and Co., 1882.
London: Rivingtons, 1882.

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