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Two Sermons, on the Obligations and Encouragements to Attempt the Promotion of Christianity among the Jews, Preached in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Cheltenham.
Cheltenham: S. Bettison, 1824.

The Book of Genesis Considered and Illustrated in a Series of Historical Discourses, Preached in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Cheltenham.
London: Hatchard, 1826.

A Farewell Sermon, Preached in the Church of the Holy Trinity, on Sunday Morning, Nov. 12, together with an Introductory Sermon, Preached in the Parish Church of Cheltenham, on Sunday Morning, November 19, 1826.
London: Hatchard, 1826.

The Correlative Claims and Duties of the Ministers of God, and of the People Committed to Their Charge, Being the Substance of a Sermon Preached on Sunday, Feb. 10th, 1833 on the Occasion of the Retirement of the Rev. Sir Henry Thompson, Bart, A.M.
London: Hatchard, 1833.

Nine Sermons Illustrative of Some of the Typical Persons of the Old Testament.
London: Hatchard, 1838. [External link]

A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of Saint Mary, Cheltenham, on Thursday, November 5, 1840.
London: Thomas Arnold, 1840.

Divine and Human Knowledge.
London: Hatchard and Son, 1841. [External link]

Twelve Discourses on Some of the Parables of Our Blessed Lord Preached in the Parish Church, Cheltenham.
London: Thomas Arnold, 1841.

The Departure of the Righteous, Blessed to Themselves, Portentous to Their Survivors: A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of Cheltenham, on Sunday Morning, July 23, 1843.
London: Hatchard and Son, 1843.

Two Sermons Preached in the City of Dublin on Sunday, Nov. 22, 1846 on behalf of the Association for the Relief of Distressed Protestants.
Dublin: S.B. Oldham, 1846.

Brief Remarks on the Correspondence between the Committee of Council on Education and the Committee of the National School Society.
London: Hatchard and Son; Hamilton, Adams, and Co., 1848.

The Secular System, the Manchester Bill, and the Government Scheme Contrasted.
London: T. Hatchard, 1852.

A Few More Words on Education Bills.
London: T. Hatchard, 1856.

Tobacco: Its Influences, Physical, Moral, and Religious: A Lecture.
London: Hatchard, Piccadilly and Seeley, 1859. [External link]

Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity, Addressed to the Working Classes during the Season of Lent, 1860, at the Athenæum, Carlisle.
London: Hatchard, 1860.

Eighty Sketches of Sermons, together with an Introductory Essay.
London: T. Hatchard, 1861. [External link]

The Footsteps of Error Traced through a Period of Twenty-five Years, or, Superstition the Parent of Modern Doubt.
London: Hatchard, 1863. [External link]

Thoughts on the Daily Choral Services in Carlisle Cathedral.
Carlisle: C. Thurnam, 1865.

The Catholic Revival: or, Ritualism and Romanism in the Church of England.
London: Hatchard, 1866.

A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of Carlisle, on the Occasion of the Visitation of the Rev. and Worshipful Chancellor Burton, on Tuesday, September 18, 1866.
London: Hatchard, 1866.

Ritualism: A Lecture.
London: William Macintosh, 1867.

The English Church Union a Ritualistic Society: Proved and Illustrated in a Series of Letters Originally Published in the "Rock" Newspaper.
London: Hatchard, 1868.

Our Family Likeness, Illustrative of Our Origin and Descent.
London: Hatchards, 1871. [External link]

An Examination of the Witnesses, and Their Evidence, Given before a Royal Commission upon the Administration and Operation of the "Contagious Diseases Acts, 1871."
London: Tweedie and Co., 1872. [External link]

Prayer Heard and Answered: A Sermon Preached in Carlisle Cathedral, on Sunday, December 31, 1871.
London: Hatchard, 1872.

Auricular Confession and Priestly Absolution Tested by Scripture, by Antiquity and by the Formularies of the Church of England, Being Three Sermons Preached in Carlisle Cathedral on Sunday October 5th, 12th and 19th, 1873.
London: Hatchard, 1872.

The Stage, Ancient and Modern; Its Tendencies on Morals and Religion: A Lecture.
London: Hatchard, 1877. [External link]

Union in Church Missions: Is It Desirable or Practicable?
London: Hatchard, 1881.

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