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R.W. Enraght

To the Poor the Gospel is Preached: A Sermon advocating the Right of the People to Freedom of Public Worship.
Sheffield, 1865.

Bible Ritualism Indispensably Necessary for Purposes of Instruction and of Worship.
London: Masters, 1866.

Who are True Churchmen, and Who are Conspirators?
London, 1870.

The Real Presence and Holy Scripture.
London, 1872.

Catholic Worship Not Pharisaic-Judaism: Or a Brief Explanation of Some Matters in Divine Service Popularly Misunderstood.
London: J.T. Hayes, 1873.

Not Law, but Unconstitutional Tyrrany
London, 1877

Sermon on the English Priests Imprisoned for Conscience Sake, by the Revd F. C. Ewer S.T.D. [New York, 1881]

My Prosecution under the Public Worship Regulation Act.
London, 1883.

Anti-Ritualism in the English Press

'Black Sheep' from Punch, 18 December 1869

'The Chichester Extinguisher' from Punch, 18 July 1874

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