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The Catholic Propaganda Society


The Rev. R. White Ayre
The Rev. H.J. Fynes-Clinton
The Rev. G.S. Dunbar
The Rev. H.W.G. Kenrick
The Rev. E.S. Maltby
The Rev. Wilmot Phillips
The Rev. A. St. Leger Westall
The Rev. T. Henry Dale, Hon. Sec.

The Catholic Propaganda Society is a Society formed by a few Priests who feel that there is an urgent need for a Society which shall be very definite in proclaiming the Catholic Faith in all its fulness by means of simple publications. The Catholic Movement in the Church in England is passing through an extremely dangerous period. Many of those who are looked upon as leaders seem to be courting popularity with the authorities of the Church of England, some of whom are openly hostile to the movement.

Compromise may be pleasant, but where Catholic Faith and Practice are concerned the members of this Society are determined that so far as they are concerned there shall be no compromise in their publications.

Transubstantiation and the Black Rubric, by a Priest.

Fasting, by the Rev. A. St. Leger Westall

Fasting Communion, the same Author

A Simple Guide to Confession

Spiritual Healing and the Sacrament of Extreme Unction, by the Rev. E. S. Maltby

Reservation under One Kind, by Sacerdos.

The Invocation of the Saints, The Teaching of the Catholic Faith, which is sadly neglected.

The Papacy, by Sacerdos. Important to English Catholics.

Vespers of Our Lady

The Catholic Child's Prayer Book

Lenten Litanies--Litanies of the Passion, the Holy Cross, the Holy Face, and the Holy Tears.

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