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Thomas Comber


A Companion to the Temple and Closet.
London: Henry Brome, 1672.

Friendly and Seasonable Advice to the Roman Catholics of England.
London: Henry Brome, 1674.

A Companion to the Altar.
London: J. Martyn, 1675.

The Occasional Offices of Matrimony, Visitation of the Sick, Burial of the Dead, Churching of Women and the Commination, Explained.
London: Henry Brome, 1679.

An Historical Vindication of the Divine Right of Tithes.
London: R. Clavell, 1685.

A Discourse of Duels, Shewing the Sinful Nature and Mischievous Effects of Them.
London: R. Clavell, 1687.

A Discourse Concerning the Daily Frequenting the Common Prayer.
London: Printed for Charles Brome, at the Gun at the West End of St. Paul's Church-yard. 1687.

The Church History Cleared from the Roman Forgeries in the Councils during the First Four Centuries.
London: Samuel Rycroft for Robert Clavell, 1689.

A Modest Vindication of the Protestants of England Who Joined the Prince of Orange.
London: no publisher, 1689.

A Letter to a Bishop Concerning the Present Settlement and the New Oaths
attributed to Thomas Comber
London: Printed for Robert Clavel, 1689.

The Protestant Mask Taken off from the Jesuited Englishman.
London: R. Clavell, 1692.

A Discourse on the Offices for the Fifth of November, 30th Day of January and 29th of May.
London: Samuel Rycroft for Robert Clavell, 1696.

A Treatise on the Sacrament.
London: Brome, 1699.

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