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Charles Marriott

A Lecture Delivered at the Diocesan College, Chichester at the Opening of Lent Term, 1840.
London: Rivington, 1840.

The Church's Method of Communicating Divine Truth: A Lecture Delivered at the Diocesan College, Chichester, at the Opening of the Lent Term, 1841.
Chichester: W.H. Mason, 1841.

The Church's Instruments for the Work of the Holy Spirit: A Sermon preached before the University of Oxford on the Feast of St. Barnabas, MDCCCXLI.
London: Rivington, 1841.

The Homilies of S. John Chrysostom on the Statues or, To the People of Antioch.
Oxford: Parker, 1842.

Numbering Our Days: A Sermon preached in Bradfield Church on the Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity, MDCCCXLII, being the Day after the Funeral of the Rev. H. Stevens, forty-two years Rector of that Parish.
Oxford: I. Shrimpton, 1842.

Sermons Preached before the university and in Other Places. 
Oxford: Parker, 1843.

Reasons for Voting against the Proposed Censure on Certain Propositions extracted from a Work lately published by the Rev. W.G. Ward, M.A.
Oxford: Baxter, 1845.

University Extension and the Poor Scholar Question: A Letter to the Rev. E. Woollcombe, Fellow and Tutor of Balliol College.
Oxford: Alexander Ambrose Masson, 1848.

Hints on Private Devotion.
Oxford: Alexander Ambrose Masson, 1848.

Reflections in a Lent Reading of the Epistle to the Romans.
Oxford: Alexander Ambrose Masson, 1849.

Five Sermons on the Principles of Faith and Church Authority.
Oxford: Alexander Ambrose Masson, 1850.

God, and not System, the Strength of the Church: A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of Kemerton at the third Commemoration of the dedication of the Church.
London: Masters, 1850.

The True Cause of Insult and Dishonour to the Church of England: A Sermon, preached at the Parish Church of S. Mary the Virgin, in Oxford, on Sunday, January 5, 1851.
Oxford: Alexander Ambrose Masson, 1851.

Singleness of Purpose the Secret of Success: A Sermon preached at the Church of S. Mary the Virgin, in Oxford, Sept. 19th, 1852, upon Occasion of the Death of the Duke of Wellington.
Oxford: Alexander Ambrose Masson, 1852.

Two Sermons on Civil and Social Duties, Especially on the Duty of Educating the Poorer Classes.
Oxford: Alexander Ambrose Masson, 1853.

Lectures on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans 
Oxford: John Henry and James Parker, 1859.

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