Project Canterbury

The Story of W. J. E. Bennett
Founder of S. Barnabas', Pimlico and Vicar of Froome-Selwood
And of His Part in the Oxford Church Movement of the Nineteenth Century.

By F. Bennett, M.A.
Formerly Rector of Farleigh, Surrey.

New York, London, Bombay and Calcutta: Longmans, 1909.


Chapter I. School and Oxford Days
Chapter II. Curacies--the Cholera--State of the Church--Sunday
Chapter III. S. Paul's, Knighstbridge
Chapter IV. The Idea and Building of S. Barnabas', Pimlico
Chapter V. Consecration of S. Barnabas'
Chapter VI. Sunshine Ending in Storm
Chapter VII. The Riots at S. Barnabas'
Chapter VIII. Nothing without the Bishop--The Departure--Subsequent History of S. Barnabas'--Music of the Day
Chapter IX. Travels Abroad--Froome--Mr. Horsman
Chapter X. Froome--Restoration--Services--Organization--Finances
Chapter XI. Two Prosecutions
Chapter XII. Characteristics--Opinions--Teachings--Anecdotes and Events
Chapter XIII. Preacher--Catechizer--Writer
Chapter XIV. Relatives--Last Days--Memorials

Project Canterbury