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The Church of England Vindicated from the Charge of Arminianism; and the Case of Arminian Subscription Particularly Considered, in a Letter to the Rev. Dr. Nowell, Occasioned by Some Passages in That Gentleman's Answer to Pietas Oxoniensis.
London: Joseph Gurney, 1769.

The Doctrines of the Church of England Proved to be the Doctrines of Christ; or, Clerical Subscription no Grievance, in a Discourse.
London: W. Row, 1772.

Free-will and Merit Fairly Examined, or, Men Not Their Own Saviour: The Substance of a Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St. Anne, Black Friars, London on Wednesday, May 25, 1774.
London: J. Mathews and G. Keith, 1775.

Good News from Heaven, or, The Gospel a Joyful Sound: The Substance of an Excellent Sermon, Preached at the Lock Chapel, near Hyde Part Corner, on Sunday, June 19, 1774.
London: J. Mathews and G. Keith, 1775.

The Scheme of Christian and Philosophical Necessity Asserted in Opposition to Mr. John Wesley's Tract on that Subject, with a Dissertation concerning the Sensible Qualities of Matter and the Doctrine of Color in Particular.
London: Vallance and Simmons, 1775.

The Existence and the Creed of Devils Considered, with a Word Concerning Apparitions: A Sermon, Preached in the Parish Church of St. Olave, Jewry, on Sunday, October 29, 1775.
London: Vallance and Simmons, 1775.

Moral and Political Moderation Recommended in a Fast-sermon Delivered at St. Mildred's, London, Friday, December 13, 1776.
London: T. Vallance, 1777.

The Works of Augustus M. Toplady.
London: William Baynes and Son, 1825. [External links]

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