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Arthur Henry Stanton


Father Stanton of St. Alban's, Holborn: A Memoir.
By Joseph Clayton.
London: W. Gardner, 1913. [External link]

Arthur Stanton: A Memoir.
By George William Erskine Russell.
London: Longmans, Green, 1917. [External link]

Memories of a Sister of S. Saviour's Priory, with a Preface by Father Statnton.
London: Mowbray, 1903.

Gems of Thought from Sermons by the Rev. A. H. Stanton.
Edited by Frank Saint Aubyn.
London: Henry J. Darn, 1910.

Father Stanton's Last Sermons in S. Alban's, Holborn.
Edited by Edward Francis Russell.
London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1916.

Father Stanton's Sermon Outlines from His Own Manuscript.
Edited by Edward Francis Russell.
London: Longmans, 1917-1919.

A Novena of the Holy Ghost, with Octave: Or, Short Prayers for the Season between Ascension Day and Trinity Sunday.
London: W. Knott, 1919.

Catholic Prayers for Church of England People.
London: W. Knott, 1936.

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