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A Miracle of Miracles:
Wrought by the Blood of King Charles the First,
Of Happy Memory,
upon a Mayd at Detford, foure miles from London,
who by the violence of the Disease called the Kings Evill was blinde one whole yeere;
but by making use of a piece of Handkircher dipped in the Kings blood is recovered of her sight.

To the comfort of the Kings friends, and astonishment of his Enemies.
The truth hereof many thousands can testifie.

London: Printed Anno Dom. 1649.

Loving Countreymen

, this is a briefe and faithfull Relation of a Mayd dwelling and living in Detford, foure miles distant from London, daughter to Mrss Baylie; which mayd being about the age of fourteen or fifteen years, hath long time been grievously tormented with the disease which is called the Kings Evill, which evill continued its force so long upon her, that it putrified and corrupted, not only the unseen parts of her body, but her face and her eyes, in so much that she became blinde therewith. Her mother being a carefull and loving woman, having more regard o the welfare of her childe, then she had to the wealth of the world, endeavoured (as farre as her Purse or pains would extend) to do her good. But alas, all that ever should could do was but lost labour, only through Gods great mercy she kept the Girle alive, though her pains every day encreased more and more. Yet notwithstanding this, Mrss Baylie sought to many skilfull folks, hoping in time to have some remedy for her daughter; amongst others, she imployed one Mr. Stipkins, a man of very good knowledge and understanding in the practice of Surgery, being very well approved of for his skill both in the City of London and many parts of the Countryes adjacent: This Mr. Stypkins often frequented Mistriss Baylies house in hope to cure her daughter of the Evill; but all he could doe would little prevaile, though for a time, while he was present, she found some ease, yet when he was gone from her she became as bad or worse then she was before; so that all the help that man could do could not cure her disease: wherefore those that were neighbours dwelling neere unto her perswaded her mother even to give over, and let God work his will her with; & some others that ministred to the Damsell, bid her, serve God and be content, and prepare for Heaven, for there was no likelihood of long remaining in this world. And thus was the poor silly soule past all hopes of recovery, being discomforted with words, blind of her sight, forsaken by the Physicians, and left off by acquaintance. But yet for all these doings the Lord provided for this poore creature such a miraculous blessing, whereby to preserve her life, and cure her blindness, the like was never known since our Saviour Christ and his blessed Apostles lived on the Earth, as will appeared by this following Discourse.

Here followeth a true and faithfull Discourse concerning the daughter of Mistriss

Baylie, who had been long time possessed of the disease called the Kings Evill: and how at last she was cured by a Handkircher that was dipt in the Kings Blood that day he was beheaded.

It is an old saying and a true, that when men and women are at weakest, then is God full as strong, and the same God he was before; as may appeare by these examples which are here set down. Though the three Children (we read in the Scripture) were cast into a fiery Furnice, the Lord sent an Angel to deliver them out. Though Daniel was cast into the Denne amongst Lyons, yet God provided for him, they had no power to hurt him. Though Jonas was cast into the depth of the Sea, the Lord sent a Whale to bring him to Land. Though Job was tormented and buffeted by the divell, the Lord restored him to his former estate. Though Paul suffered shipwrack, yet the Lord suffered him not to be utterly lost. Though the man spoken of in the Gospell was borne blinde, which no man could cure, yet the Lord Jesus Christ could cure him by working a Miracle upon him, by annoynting his eyes with Clay, whereby he received sight! Even so hath the Almighty Lord of Heaven restored this poor forlorn Mayd of Detford to her sight again, by way of a Miracle, and thus it was:

It hapned, by Gods appointment, that one Master, John Lane; now living in London in the old Change, a Woollen Draper by profession, hearing of the misery that Mrss Baylies daughter was in, he having a Handkircher about him which had been dipped in the Kinds blood on the day that he was beheaded. This Mr. Lane gave her a piece of the same Handkircher, which the mayd tooke, and applied to her sores, and wiping her eyes with the bloody side of the Handkircher, hath through Heavens providence recovered her eyesight; and is become lusty and strong, and able to doe any thing both abroad and at home, as is fitting for one of her age and growth to doe, and many hundreds of people come daily to see her both from London and other places; and all that ever saw her in her sicknesse, and sees her now in health, do confesse that it is a work the Lord hath done; whereby, his Name might be glorified, and the Kings death thought upon. And those that desire to know further of the matter, may both see and talke with the Mayd at her mothers house at Detford.

And now beloved Christians, let us consider what a precious Jewell we lost, when we parted from our Kings life; whose Blood after his death was of such a valuable vertue, that it made the blinde to see, by no other meanes but by stroaking and applying the Handkircher to the soarnesses of the places where her griefe lay, which she did morning and evening. And though, by gods good pleasure this one poor creature hath recoverÂ’d her life by his death, yet there are many thousands that stand in great need of helpe for the same Disease, which never can be cured, for want of a King that can safely say, I touch, God heals. Now there are some that will say, why doe not all them that are troubled with the Kings Evill, make suit & get some of the Kings Blood to cure them/ the answer is, that it is not to be had for love nor money; for where any is, they either keepe it secretly, or if it be known, they will not part from it. But it fared better with such poor distressed souls while the King lived, for he was so gracious, that when there were a numberless company of poor distressed people, he would appoint them a time to give them a visit, and he as good as His word; and when His patients came into His presence, He scorned not to touch the poorest creatures sores, and handle their wounds to doe them good, while the corruption of their Diseases ranne upon his Princely fingers, and by the vertue of the same they had their perfect cure. Where is the man to be found that now can doe so? surely not alive in England. Here are them left that can kill the Kings friends. But here are none that can cure the Kings Evill.

And now I hold it not amisse to speak something of the happy estate that we lived in while the King lived, and how our fortunes are crost by His death; and this shall be done by way of comparison. First, suppose there were a rich man living, as Job was at the first, having many children, plenty of servants, store of Corne on the ground, and Cattell in the field, and stocks of sheep feeding on the pleasant mountains: would it not greatly grieve this rich man to part with his children, to forget his riches, to be turned out of his habitation, to be cast in prison, and to have his servants banished out of his sight? Even so fared our Soveraigne Lord King Charles, His Wife was banished, His Children dispersed, His Servants disinherited, His goods taken from Him, and at last His Princely Head brought to the Block, which well may make the heart of every Christian tremble to think on.

In the holy Book of God is written thus, Touch not the Lords Anoynted, nor doe my Propets no harme. And in I Pet. 2. 17. we are forwarnd, to feare God, and honour the King. Exod. 22. 20. Thou shalt not speake evill of the King. Eccles. 10.20. Curse not the King in thy thought. But alas, how far is the feare of God hidden from our eyes! How many times hath Charles the first, the Lords Anoynted been, not onely toucht, but buffeted, kickt and spurnd at? How many seditious persons have been suffered to speak evill against His Majesty, and with spitefull tongues and slanders scandalize and abuse him to his face? yea, how many thousand envious Matchevils have not onely cursed him in their thoughts, but openly said, they hoped to wash their hands in His hearts blood? And last of all, instead of Feare God, honour the King, they have forgotten their duty to both!

To conclude, he was a Salomon, for wisdome; a David, for courage; and a Job, for patience. He was a forgiver of injuries, a lover of Religion, a hater of lewdnesse, a friend to his enemies, a maintainer of the Truth, Defender of the Faith, a protector of his Subjects, and a help of the poor. The Lord in mercy send that no worse come in His place now he is gone from us.


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