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The Rainbow in the North
A Short Account of the First Establishment of Christianity in Rupert's Land by the Church Missionary Society.
By Sarah Tucker.

London: James Nisbet, 1851.


Chapter I. Rupert's Land and Its Inhabitants
Chapter II. The First Missionary
Chapter III. Flood and Famine
Chapter IV. The Grand Rapids
Chapter V. The Indian School and Missionary Trials
Chapter VI. The Indian Village
Chapter VII. Indian Village continued--Pigwys
Chapter VIII. Indian Village--Rapids--Burning of Prairies
Chapter IX. Threatened Reduction of Missions--Visit of the Bishop of Montreal--Departure of the Rev. W. Cockran
Chapter X. Cumberland Station
Chapter XI. Lac la Ronge--Moose Lake--Manitoba Lake
Chapter XII. Arrival of the Bishop of Rupert's Land
Chapter XIII. Rev. R. and Mrs. Hunt--Summary of the Missions--Ordination of the Rev. H. Budd

Appendix. Extracts of Letters from Mr. and Mrs. Hunt

THIS little volume was undertaken from the twofold conviction that, while the interest felt in Missionary work must very much depend on a knowledge of its details, the length of time that has elapsed since the commencement of many of our Missions renders their early history almost inaccessible to general readers.

It is now sent out to bear, however feebly, another testimony to the power, love, and faithfulness of our God, and "to the praise of the glory of His grace who hath made us accepted in the Beloved."

And the writer will have abundant cause for gratitude if it shall please Him to bless it, in any degree, to the stirring up of the lukewarm, to the encouragement of the faint-hearted, or to the increased thankfulness of the long-tried friends of Missions.

Hampstead, April 1851.

Project Canterbury