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What is Anglo-Catholicism?
A Response in Six Parts

by the Revd John D. Alexander, SSC
Rector of Saint Stephen's Church, Providence, Rhode Island

The following are short responses to the question: What is Anglo-Catholicism? Printed in Father Alexander's parish newsletter at the Church of the Ascension on Staten Island, they give background on the history of the Oxford Movement, on American Church history, on the religious life and on contemporary Anglo-Catholic practices. The author gives his permission for republication of the articles under his name, without alterations, and reserves the copyright.

Part One-- The Oxford Movement
Part Two-- The Revival of Ritual
Part Three-- The Religious Life
Part Four-- The American Connection
Part Five-- Liturgical Trends in the 20th Century
Part Six-- Conclusion

all text copyright John D Alexander, 1999


Anglo-Catholic Conference (6830 bytes)

The Authority of the Church; The Congress Books: No. 13, Leighton Pullan, DD

English Catholicism and the See of Rome; The Congress Books: No. 15, by Frederic Hood

Confession and Absolution; The Congress Books: No. 31, Father Vernon, SDC

Sacerdotalism Explained; The Congress Books: No. 35, E. Milner-White, D.S.O.

The following are short pieces transcribed by Dr G. Robert Stephenson of St Timothy's Church, Raleigh, NC; they are suitable for inclusion in parish newsletters, and also aim to answer in detail the question posed by Fr Alexander above.

Why is Incense Used? by the Revd Homer Rogers

Problem Papers
Holy Cross Press, Westpark NY

What is God Like? by the Revd Dr Marshall Boyer Stewart, DD

What about Jesus? by the Rev. W. Norman Pittenger

What is Meditation? by the Revd Mother Mary Theodora, C.S.M.

How Can I Believe?

What is the Religious Life? by the Rev. Mother Mary Theodora, C.S.M.

Why Suffering? by the Reverend Bernard Iddings Bell, D.D., Litt.D.

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