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Sisterhood Life and Woman's Work, in the Mission-Field of the Church

By the Right Rev. Allan Becher Webb, D.D.
Bishop of Grahamstown.

London: Skeffington & Son, 1883.

Chapter I. The Supply and Training of Women for Mission Work Abroad.

Chapter II. The Work of Women at Home, for Foreign Missions.

Chapter III. Woman's Work in South Africa.

Chapter IV. Sisterhood Life.


IT does not seem to me that an apology for the Sisterhood form of life within the Church is so much needed, as a statement of the true thory and principles on which it is based.

For my own part, I have now doubt that abundant sanction may be found for this special form of the dedicated life, in those significant principles, the working of which may be reverently traced in our LORD'S own Life on earth, and which are more explicitly declared in His recorded Sayings.

This life, as we have watched it unfolding and developing individual characters, has clearly exhibited the fruits of Evangelical [v/vi] faith, and love towards the Person of the SAVIOUR; and its manifestation and extension in our Anglican Communion, if only it be guided, as it may be, in a spirit of thorough and hearty loyalty to our Prayer-Book and Constitution, cannot but prove a blessing and strength to our Church, in the fulfilment of that Mission which has been entrusted to it as part of CHRIST'S Holy Catholic Church.


August, 1883.


This Address on "Sisterhood Life," with the three Papers previously read on "Woman's Work," is issued in the present form by the Author's own desire and authority, at the request of many.

It is only fair to him, however, to state that he had not the opportunity of revising the proof-sheets himself, before entering on his new work as Bishop of Grahamstown.

September, 1883.

Project Canterbury