Project Canterbury


 Mother Eva Mary, C.T.
The Story of a Foundation


By Mrs. Harlan Cleveland


With Foreword by the Rt. Rev. Irving P. Johnson, D.D.
Bishop of Colorado
Visitor of the Community of the Transfiguration

Afterword by the Rt. Rev. Paul Matthews, D.D.
Bishop of New Jersey
Chaplain General of the Community of the Transfiguration


Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1929.

Transcribed by Richard Mammana 2007



Chapter I. A Beginning of Beginnings
Chapter II. Finding the Way
Chapter III. Associate Mission in Omaha
Chapter IV. The Closing in of Vocation
Chapter V. Goings and Comings
Chapter VI. A Literary Interlude
Chapter VII. Bethany Home—The Sacrament of Work in the Life of Worship
Chapter VIII. A Pilgrimage to English Sisterhoods—The Founding Completed
Chapter IX. Retrospect


Project Canterbury