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The One Christ
An Enquiry into the Manner of the Incarnation

By Frank Weston

New and Revised Edition

London and New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1914.

Preface: On the Modernism of Liberal Churchmen

Part I: The Problem

Chapter I--Introductory

Chapter II--The Christ of the Gospels

Part II: The Problem in History

Chapter III--The Unlimited Logos

Chapter IV--The Divine Human

Chapter V--The Self-Abandoned Logos

Part III: Towards the Solution of the Problem

Chapter VI--Towards Solution

Chapter VII--The Christ and His Human Soul

Chapter VIII--The Virgin Birth

Chapter IX--The Christ and Evil Spirits

Chapter X--The Christ and His Fellow-Men

Chapter XI--The Christ and the Spirit

Chapter XII--The Christ and His Father

Chapter XIII--The Christ in His Passion

Chapter XIV--The Christ in Death and Glory

Chapter XV--Conclusion


Note I
Definition of the Council of Chalcedon

Note II
The Athanasian School of Christology

Note III
The Alexandrian School

Note IV
The Cyrilline School

Note V
Authors named in Chapter V.

Note VI
Passages bearing on our Lord's knowledge

Note VII
The Brethren of our Lord

Dr. Moberly's Atonement and Personality

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