Project Canterbury

Early Days of My Episcopate
by the Right Rev. William Ingraham Kip, D.D.

New York: T. Whittaker, 1892.

Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

I now lay down my pen. During the past year I have at leisure moments--sometimes with intervals of weeks--noted down my early experience in this Diocese. When our successors read this volume, I trust it will furnish them with some interesting facts with regard to the early Church on the Pacific.

How will this narrative seem to them? When they are worshipping in splendid buildings and members of powerful parishes, how will they regard our early struggles? With us the contest is a hard one, as we strive in an unsettled state of society to inculcate a regard for the things which are "unseen and eternal" on a people given up to the greed of gold.

Children of the next generation! to you we bequeath this contest. Living over our dust and inheriting the fruit of our labors, we pray you worthily to wage this warfare till you resign your weapons to others and join us in the land of spirits.

March 16th, 1860.

Project Canterbury