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William Ferdinand Morgan


Conservatism: Its True Signification, and Appropriate Office: An Address, Pronounced before the House of Convocation of Trinity College, in Christ Church, Hartford, July 28th, 1852.
Hartford: S. Hanmer, 1852.

Discourse Delivered in Christ Church, Norwich, Conn., June 17, 1855, on the Death of Mrs. Martha Reynolds.
Norwich: Woodworth and Perry, 1855.

Let Mercy Be Our Boast, and Shame Our Only Fear: Sermon Preached before the St. George's Society of New York, at St. Thomas' Church, on St. George's Day, being the Seventy-second Anniversary of the Society, April 23, 1858.
New York: John F. Trow, 1858.

Messengers of the Churches: Sermon Preached in St. Thomas' Church on the First Sunday after Trinity, June 6, 1858.
New York: E.B. Clayton's Sons, 1858.

The Prosperity of the Church Dependent in Equal Measure upon Priest and People: A Sermon at Christ Chapel, Elizabeth, New Jersey, 13 July, 1862.
New York: C.A. Alvord, 1862.

The Importance of Foundations: A Sermon Preached before the General Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union and Church Book Society, on Occasion of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Managers, Providence, October 5, 1863.
New York: Depository, 1863.

Suffering and Sorrow for Sin: A Few Thoughts for Lent, from a Sermon at St. Thomas' Church, N.Y. Feb. 1, 1863.
New York: James Pott, 1863.

Sermon Preached at the Consecration of the American Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity, Paris (France).
Paris: E. Briere, 1864.

The Early Choice: Extracts from a Sermon Preached in St. Thomas' Church, New-York, on the Sunday following the Death and Burial of Sarah M. Berrian.
New-York: L.H. Embree, 1865.

Francis Lister Hawks, D.D., L.L. D.: A Commemorative Discourse, Preached in the Chapel of the Holy Savior, on the Anniversary of His Burial, Sept. 29th, 1867.
New York: Press of Wynkoop and Hallenbeck, 1867. [External link]

Address Delivered at the First Annual Meeting of the American Church Union in Trinity Church, New York, April 23d, 1868.
New York: American Church Union, 1868.

The Church, the Source and Center of Stability: Annual Sermon Preached before the Society for the Increase of the Ministry in Christ Church, New York, Sunday Evening, Oct. 13, 1867.
Hartford: Wiley, Waterman and Eaton, 1868.

The Dwelling-place of Jesus. Sermon Preached at the Opening of the New St. Thomas' Church October 6th, 1870.
New York: American Church Press, 1870.

Temples Heavenly and Earthly: Sermon Preached at the Re-opening and Consecration of St. Peter's Church, Auburn, N.Y. on St. Luke's Day, October 18, 1870.
New York: American Church Press, 1870.

The Sacrifice and the Song: A Sermon Preached on the Sunday following the Decease and Funeral of Mrs. Philip D. G├╝lager, for Many Years Leading Soprano in the Choir, and a Devout Member of St. Thomas' Church, N.Y.
New York: Gilliss Brothers, [1877]

New York: Gilliss Brothers, 1882.

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