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William McGarvey and the Open Pulpit
An Intimate History of a Celibate Movement in the Episcopal Church,
and of Its Collapse, 1870-1908.

By Edward Hawks
Priest of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Philadelphia: The Dolphin Press, 1935.


Chapter 1. The Anglo-Catholic Movement in Philadelphia
Chapter 2. The Church of the Evangelists
Chapter 3. The Companions of the Holy Saviour
Chapter 4. St. Elizabeth's Church, Philadelphia
Chapter 5. Nashotah
Chapter 6. My Coming to Nashotah
Chapter 7. St. Saviour's House
Chapter 8. Life at Nashotah
Chapter 9. The New RĂ©gime at Nashotah
Chapter 10. The Spring of 1907
Chapter 11. The Summer of 1907
Chapter 12. The Retreat at Nashotah
Chapter 13. The News from Richmond
Chapter 14. The Amendment of Canon XIX
Chapter 15. Nashotah after the Richmond Convention
Chapter 16. The Conversions in Philadelphia
Chapter 17. Rehoboth, Delaware
Chapter 18. Conclusion

Sermon delivered at the Solemn Obsequies of the Right Reverend William I. McGarvey

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