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The Church and Its Apostolic Ministry
A Course of Lectures delivered in St. Mark's Church, Denver, in January, 1887.

By John Franklin Spalding

Milwaukee: The Young Churchman, 1887.


The following Correspondence will fittingly introduce the Course of Lectures to which it refers:

Denver, December 20, 1886.

To the Rt. Rev. J. F. Spalding, D. D.

Rt. Rev. and Dear Sir: In view of the general interest now being manifested in the questions of Christian Unity and the Nature of the Ministry of the Church, and in order that the Clergy and Laity may receive needed systematic instruction, we respectfully ask you, as the Bishop of the Diocese, to deliver a Course of Lectures on the Authority of the Church and her Apostolic Ministry, at such time and place as you may choose. Respectfully and sincerely yours,

Charles H. Marshall, Rector Trinity Memorial Church.

M. F. Sorenson, Rector of All Saints' Church.

A. B. Hunter. Chaplain of Wolfe Hall.

Henry Forrester, Canon Missioner.

D. Douglas Wallace, Rector of. Emmanuel Church.

Alfred W. Arundel, Rector of St. Mark's.

J. Eldred Brown, Principal of Jarvis Hall.

E. P. Newton, Presbyter in charge of S. Pueblo.

Searle M. Wren, Presbyter Jurisdiction of Colorado.

T. V. Wilson, Rector of St. John's Church, Boulder.

M. Honeyman, Rector Christ Church, Bald Mountain.

A. R. Keiffer, Rector Grace Church, Colorado Springs.

Francis Byrne, Missionary at Littleton, West Plum, etc.

D. C. Pattee, Rector of Christ Church, Canon City.

D. D. Van Antwerp, Rector of Calvary Church, Idaho Springs, and Grace Church, Georgetown.

Matthew's Hall, Denver,
Feast of St. John the Evangelist, 1886.

Rev. Messrs. C. H. Marshall, M. F. Sorenson. A. B. Hunter, H. Forrester, D. D. Wallace, A. W. Arundel, Canons of the Chapter of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, and others.

Rev. and Dear Brethren: Your letter of December 20, requesting me as Bishop of the Diocese to deliver a Course of Lectures on the Authority of the Church and the Apostolic Ministry at such time and place as I may choose, is received. Though I have much less time than I should desire in which to prepare a course of lectures on the subject suggested, yet feeling with you that there is great need at the present time of instruction on the Nature of the Church, its Authority and Ministry, and the Apostolic Succession, I will gladly comply with your request, and will accordingly deliver the lectures, seven in number, in St. Mark's Church, Denver, on such evenings as may be announced, beginning next Tuesday evening, January 4th. Each lecture will be preceded by a Hymn and Collects only. Faithfully your friend and Bishop,


Denver, Col., January 17, 1887.

Rt. Rev. John F. Spalding, D. D., Denver.

Rev. Father in God: Having listened with great profit to your lectures on "The Church and her Apostolic Ministry," and feeling that if printed they would accomplish much good, we therefore earnestly request you to have them published. Respectfully yours,

Charles H. Marshall.
M. F. Sorenson.
Francis H. Potts, Prof. Wolfe Hall.
A. B. Hunter, Chaplain Wolfe Hall.
D. Douglas Wallace.
Alfred W. Arundel.
Melvin Honeyman.
J. Eldred Brown, Principal Jarvis Hall.
Searle M. Wren, St. Mark's Church, Durango.

We concur in the above request for publication:

H. Martyn Hart, Dean of St. John's Cathedral.

Henry Forrester, Canon Missioner, Las Animas.

Amos Bannister, Rector St. Thomas' Church, Alamosa.

T. L. Bellam, Rector Calvary Church, Golden.

D. D. Van Antwerp, Rector Calvary Church, Idaho Springs, and Grace Church, Georgetown.

A. R. Kieffer,
Rector Grace Church, Colorado Springs.

Benj. Hartley, Rector St. Andrew's, Manitou.

Thos. V. Wilson, Rector St. John's, Boulder.

John T. Protheroe, Rector Trinity Church, Greeley.

O. E. Ostenson, Rector St. John's, Ouray.

Francis Byrne, Missionary St. Paul's Littleton and West Plum.

D. C. Pattee, Rector Christ Church, Canon City.

Wm. Worthington, Missionary Villa Grove, Saguache, etc.

Augustine Prentiss, Rector St. George's, Leadville.

E. P. Newton, Rector Holy Trinity, South Pueblo.

Wm. M. Walton, Rector St. Peter's, Pueblo.

Geo. W. Hinkle, Missionary Ascension Church, Salida, and Grace Church, Buena Vista.

John Wallace Ohl, Minister, Christ Church, Aspen.

A. J. M. Hudson, Eastonville.

Geo. C. Rafter, Rector St. Mark's, Cheyenne.

Geo. H. Cornell, Rector St. Matthew's, Laramie City.

R. E. G. Huntington, D. D, Rector St. Thomas', Rawlins.

To the Rev. Messrs. Marshall, Sorenson, Hunter, Potts, Wallace, Arundel, Brown, and Dean Hart, Canon Forrester and others.

My dear Brethren: Your request for the publication of my recent Lectures at St. Mark's, Denver, on "The Church and her Apostolic Ministry," is received. Though the time for the preparation of the Lectures was altogether insufficient, yet feeling that there is great need at this time and in this jurisdiction, of the teaching they contain, I am constrained to yield to your judgment.

The questions discussed in them are coming to be "burning questions." The organization, of the Church in the Apostles' times, and especially during the last quarter of the first century, and the trustworthiness of the testimony of the early Fathers and other collateral evidence, concerning the Church and its Ministry as then existing, are probably all to be subjected during the next few years, to the like re-discussion to that which has been going on in relation to the Canon of the New Testament. It is believed that just as the result of the latter discussion has been to establish the Canon on grounds not hereafter to be assailed, so it will be in the case of Episcopacy and the Three Orders. Had the author leisure for quiet study, he might endeavor to contribute something of more value upon these great questions. These lectures, however, are intended for popular instruction. Such as they are they are offered to the public in the hope that, as you kindly suggest, they may "accomplish much good." Affectionately your friend and Bishop,

Denver, the Conversion of St. Paul, 1887.

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