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The Third Annual Catholic Congress: Addresses and Papers

Albany, New York, October 25, 26, 27, A.D. 1927

Philadelphia: The Catholic Congress Committee, 1927.

Transcribed by Wayne Kempton
Archivist and Historiographer of the Diocese of New York, 2011

Closing Remarks
By the
Bishop Coadjutor of Albany

I have asked that I might be given the privilege of just a moment. I want to make my own, if I may, the words of St. Peter on this very significant occasion. It is good for us to be here. I wanted before leaving to keep an engagement out of town of long standing, to say just a word on behalf of the Diocese.

Bishop Nelson is indisposed because of a slight cold, nothing serious. While I have no direct message from him I know I am expressing his thoughts and his feelings as well as my own. I thank you for coming and I want to tell you that you have brought with you a blessing. I wish more of the members of the Diocese had been able to share it. You may be interested to know there have been in attendance here a great many of our clergy whom I have seen, and a great many of the laity without any regard to their position as churchmen.

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