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The Second Annual Catholic Congress: Essays and Papers

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 12, 13, 14, 1926

New York: The Catholic Congress Committee, 1926.

Transcribed by Wayne Kempton
Archivist and Historiographer of the Diocese of New York, 2011

Farewell Message of the
Presiding Bishop

[154] BEFORE invoking the divine blessing, may I express to you, and through you to my brethren here my deep sense of appreciation of the cordial reception you have accorded me, and the loving goodness you have shown me? I have prayed that my presence here might be somewhat of a benediction to you. I know that I myself have received a great blessing. I thank God for what mine eyes have seen and mine ears have heard at the sessions of the Congress, and I return to headquarters with new courage and augmented inspiration for the prosecution of our common work in the name of the Master, for the welfare of humanity and the glory of God.

The Benediction

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