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Six Sermons to Men

Preached in St. Ignatius' Church
New York City

During Lent, 1888.

By the Rev. Arthur Ritchie

New York: American Bank Note Co., 1888.

Sermon I. Facts and Fancies; Or, What to believe

Sermon II. Christians and Other People

Sermon III. Why I Am a Catholic

Sermon IV. The Real Presence

Sermon V. Practical Religion

Sermon VI. After Death What?

The following Sermons were preached on the Thursday evenings of Lent, 1888, in St. Ignatius' Church, New York City, at the request of the members of the Men's Guild of the parish. The Guild also asked that a copy of the Sermons might be furnished them for publication. While I am well aware that they are neither profound nor unusually scholarly, I hope they may not prove wholly valueless. The truths of the Catholic religion must always be attractive to earnest and unprejudiced minds. My only aim has been to set forth as simply, and yet as attractively as I knew how, some of those great truths, which are to me dearer than life itself; and if I have succeeded in helping anyone to know them better and to love them more than he had hitherto done, I am devoutly grateful to Almighty God.

Arthur Ritchie.

Passion Tide, 1888.

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