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Dancing before the Lord
and Other Sermons Preached in St. Ignatius' Church, New York

By the Reverend Arthur Ritchie
Reprinted from "Catholic Champion."

New York: The Guild of St. Ignatius, 1892.

Sermon I. Dancing before the Lord.

Sermon II. Until the Day of Jesus Christ.

Sermon III. Shepherds and Kings.

Sermon IV. Common-Sense Fasting

Sermon V. The Host Enthroned.

Sermon VI. Wisdom and Her Children.

Sermon VII. The Unchangeable Faith.

Sermon VIII. Joy over the Penitent

Sermon IX. The Silence of Penitents

Sermon X. Duty in Church Crises

Sermon XI. Drying Our Lord's Tears

Sermon XII. The Sabbath Idea.

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