The Advent Papers

In 1943 a series of educational publications known as The Advent Papers was inaugurated, and in time as many as 24,000 copies of these pamphlets were sold in a single year, "a remarkable achievement for one parish in the field of education." These papers covered a wide range of subjects in the field of religion, and were planned and commissioned by an editorial board which included Dr. John D. Wild, Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University; Dr. Gordon W. Allport, Professor of Psychology at Harvard; the Very Reverend John B. Coburn, D.D., Dean and Professor of Pastoral Theology, Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge; Miss Ina May Greer, Research Associate in Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital; Miss Marjorie Gregg; Mr. Ezra Merrill; and the Rector of the Advent, The Very Reverend Samuel Whitney Hale. The authors of these booklets included Alan Paton, C. S. Lewis, Princess Ileana of Romania, and others notable enough to sell so many of the works that the church staff finally could no longer handle the volume and the enterprise passed into the hands of the publishing house, Morehouse-Gorham, and finally from them to the Forward Movement Publications.

We begin here a new project of republishing these papers on the Web. Nine of the Papers are now available, and the remainder will be made available as time permits.

No. 1. The Roots of Religion
by Gordon W. Allport
No. 2. A Marine Speaks
by an Officer of the Marine Corps
No. 3. The Appeal of Anglican Catholicism to An Average Man
No. 4. What is The Anglican Communion?
by John Wild
No. 5. Is Alcohol Troubling You?
by An Alcoholic
No. 6. The Sacrament of Forgiveness
No. 7. The Meaning of Priesthood
by Alan W. Watts
No. 8. Toward Self-Discipline
by Granville M. Williams, Superior, S.S.J.E.
No. 9. Meditations for Every Day of the Month
by Archbishop Fenelon
No. 10. The Spirit of Orthodoxy
by H.R.H. Princess Ileana of Romania
No. 11. The Happy, Happy Beggar
by John Hersey
No. 12. "Miserable Offenders"
      An Interpreation of Prayer Book Language
by C. S. Lewis