Project Canterbury

Christian Ballads

By A. Cleveland Coxe, D.D.

New York: D. Appleton, 1865.

Matin Bells

I will awake myself right early.--Psalter.


THE Sun is up betimes,
And the dappled East is blushing,
And the merry matin-chimes,
They are gushing--Christian--gushing!
They are tolling in the tower,
For another day begun;
And to hail the rising hour
Of a brighter, brighter Sun.
For a sunshine brighter far
Is breaking o'er thine eyes,
Than the bonny morning star!


The lark is in the sky,
And his morning-note is pouring:
He hath a wing to fly,
So he's soaring--Christian--soaring!
His next is on the ground,
But only in the night;
For he loves the matin-sound,
And the highest heaven's height.
At heaven-door he sings!
And be thou like the lark,
With thy soaring spirit-wings!


The merry matin-bells,
In their watch-tower they are swinging;
For the day is o'er the dells,
And they're singing--Christian--singing!
They have caught the morning beam
Through the ivied turret's wreath,
And the chancel-window's gleam
Is glorious beneath:
For the altar flameth there,
And the snowy vestments glow,
Of the presbyter at prayer!


There is morning incense flung
From the child-like lily flowers;
And their fragrant censer swing,
Make it ours--Christian--ours!
And hark, our Mother's hymn,
And the organ-peals we love!
They sound like cherubim
At their orisons above!
At the bonny peep of dawn,
Ere the dew-drop and the spray
That christen it, are gone!

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